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Possible book!

25 May

The title of this blog post was the title of an email I received about this time last year. Mandy and I had just arrived in Melbourne and were sitting in a café, Mandy logged onto my email and said

“Hap, there’s an email here saying ‘possible book.'”

To which I replied, “It’s probably one of my blog readers telling me I should write a book.”

Well, I was right. It was one of my blog readers. As I read through the email I started to have a bit of a “this must be spam” moment. This blog reader had seen my interview with Paul Henry on the Breakfast show and had started following my blog. It just so happened that she was the New Zealand commissioning editor for Allen and Unwin book publishers. After a quick google, I found that Allen and Unwin weren’t a Nigerian book publisher but rather Australasia’s largest independent book publisher. Publishing such authors as Jodi Picoult and one of my favourites, Paul Carter (author of “Don’t tell mum I work the rigs, she thinks I’m a piano player in a whore house”).

Fast forward one year after getting my head around book contracts, whether to use an agent, ebooks, international book markets etc, I have signed my book contract. You could say a dream come true. The best thing about this is when I’m filling out forms and it asks for occupation, I can now write something instead of leaving it blank.

This book has been the reason why some of my blog posts had started to be a bit less frequent as I have been busy tapping away at the keyboard.

The book will be hitting book shelves October/November 2012!

Thank you to you guys my blog readers for following my travels, putting up with grammar (lack of) and supporting me in this little journey. Thank you.