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The Wedding……My Wedding

31 Aug

I think it was the editor of my book that said “Hap, you could not make your life any more random/interesting if you tried”.

Sometimes I have wished it was a little less interesting, ie not breaking up in the middle of Africa while making a documentary and helping set up a bike shop. But as I said in my wedding speech, if it wasn’t for living the saddest day of my life, I wouldn’t have been able to live the happiest day of my life.

Yup, I know, for a lot of you this will come as a surprise as the last you would of known about Mandy and I was the emotional blog post I wrote about us breaking up. Well pretty much one year to the day after we were balling our eyes out at the bus station in Zambia, thinking we would never be seeing each other again (I was still denied entry to the States and Mandy had no reason (and money) to come to New Zealand), we were getting married! (NB Most of my blog readers knew this anyway, but for those of you that are thinking of giving my book as an xmas present, I suggest you don’t tell the recipient about our marriage, let them go on the ups and downs of the emotional roller coaster! – It’s only fair, Mandy and I had to!)

BUT, luckily I “sorted my shit out”. Everyone will have their own thoughts on why I broke up and then got back together, eg time apart makes the heart grow fonder, Hap was blowing out turning 30 and realised what he had etc. Yes there are elements of truth in those reasons, but the real reason of why that happened only a few people know, well….soon to be the whole world when the book comes out!

All I can say is that at least I did “sort my shit out” in time, and Mandy is so bloody amazing and understanding. And once again as my editor said “well, at least it makes for one hell of a story!” And yup, that it does!

OK, enough of that, apparently photos say a thousand words, and I know you ladies reading this love wedding photos, so here are a few snaps, (cheers to Jerm, bugz and ferret – the wedding photography and production crew/best man, grooms man/stag organiser) of the happiest day of my life.  Woop woop.

But first a couple of Stag party photos (clay bird shooting):

Please note, the author of this blog does not condone the use of firearms by babies, especially if they look as creepy as this big baby!

Don’t worry I was in safe hands, my baby sitters were very responsible. (please note: the author of this blog does not support the consumption of alcohol by babies either).

OK, I think it’s best we leave the stag do photos there, as “babies were harmed”. How about some lovely wedding pics

The ladies looking great…..and Geoffrey!

What a great age we live in, Mandy’s family and friends back in Colorado were able to watch the whole ceremony through skype!

“shit, I should be able to remember my vows, I only wrote them last night”

great photo.  Signing of the marriage cert with best man and maid of honour. I’m probably thinking “yes! I’m married, I can finally lose my virginity!”

Haze, the wedding singer!!! For anyone who has watched the documentary “Bikes for Africa” the beautiful female voice belonged to Haze.

The whanua

Gen Y photo

Gen X photo

Johno and Aunty Jill (the little angel behind the wedding organising)

For those of you that were wondering! (pun intended)

Party time!

OK, I think we will end on that note.

Thank you all for making it such a special day!

A little family holiday and my first Wedding!

13 Nov

HI folks,

Its been a while since my last blog post. This is due to my being over on the East Coast of Australia spending time with the Family.  The reason for the trip was because my cousin was getting married.  The funny thing is that yesterday I turned 27 years old, and the wedding was my first I had attended (this due to being stranded overseas and penniless for mates previous weddings).

view from apartment over beach

So what did I get up to over on the East Coast, nothing too crazy, good ‘ol’ family times.

Mandy and Karlye in her shop "The End"

Mandy and I rented a car and took an overnight trip down to Byron Bay which is known for its hippy’s and great surf.  Ozzy friends from a previous chapter in Banff now live there and I was luckily enough to meet up with Karlye at her trendy little clothing shop she opened up last year, its called “the end”, check it out if your in Byron.  Karlye told us all the cool places to go and where to stay.  Although the weather wasn’t the best and everywhere in our budget was booked, meaning we had to stay just out of town at the mullimbimby country pub, we enjoyed the cafes, foods and markets.

My kind of painting

Then we spent the next 4 days with my family on the Gold Coast in a pretty flash apartment my Aunty Jill had arranged. But unfortunately apart from the first day the weather didn’t come to the party, overcast and rain greeted us most mornings as we pulled the blinds over the 29th storey views of the Gold Coast.

view from the room

Not only the weather, but the family health wasn’t shinning either.  Quite a memorable moment occurred one night.  Dad who hadn’t been feeling well the whole trip due to a virus had been up all night dry heaving and mum who got up to see how he was doing ended up passed out in the bathroom.  So at midnight I was confronted with Mum and Dad both lying on the bathroom floor.  Not the best way to see your parents, although probably better than walking in on them having sex! I reckon they were just trying to get myself and my sister back from last year when it was her and I lying on the ground after our rope swing accident that saw us both rescue helicoptered to hospital. 

Dad feeling better

They weren’t lucky enough to get the helicopter and had to suffice with the ambulance. We spent the rest of the night in the very busy Gold Coast Hospital having front row seats to the Melbourne Cup aftermath. The ER Docs and Nurses really do a great job and have to put up with a lot of intoxicated ungrateful people.  I officially give them all a gold star and a smiley face stamp for good work.

A walk along the beach

But all was well and a day later we left behind the ill health and bad weather of the Gold Coast and headed up to Brisbane where all my Ozzie (Australian) side of the family live. The sun shined and the laughter roared as we all reunited. 

Mandy and I stayed with my Cousin Craig and his girlfriend. I hadn’t seen Criag since 8 years previous when I had lived and worked on the Gold Coast during a university summer holiday, infact it was that working holiday that planted my seed to travel.

The wedding was great, and for my first wedding it set the bar high. But anyway, enough of my talk, its getting all pretty boring and I could go on, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The New Zealand Cameron Family:

The NZ family photo

Myself and Mandy having a little glass of bubbles before kick off.

Me and Mandy

The beautiful bride and groom (bottom photo ;))

The lovely bride and groom

Idiots, myself and Craig

Myself and cousin Craig

I told dad I would delete this photo, but then thought it would be more amusing to post it on my blog.

I said I would delete this one Dad, but I decided to put it on my blog instead.