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One of the world’s most beautiful cities

18 Jun

Tomorrow we leave Cape Town; it has been just what the doctor ordered after a hectic couple of months lead up to leaving Melbourne. The batteries are charged, the last minute things are ticked off the list that I ran out of time to do in Melbourne, although I still haven’t got the first half of the book to the editor –Sorry Nic, I will get it to you. Our new plan is now in place and we are looking forward to it. But enough of that, how about Cape Town?

Cape Town is constantly named as one of the world’s most naturally beautiful cities. Being here it is easy to see why, the beaches, the two oceans, the climate (it’s winter and I was in boardies and a T-shirt, although the past three days it poured), the wine area, the farmland, the rocky mountains and how can we forget, Table Mountain.

Cape Town is a city built around Table Mountain, no matter where you are you can see Table Mountain, which is great if you are directionally challenged or had a few too many Castle Lagers, as you always have a land mark. A great way to take in the city’s natural beauty is from the top of Table Mountain. Here are some of our photos from our day hike up Table Mountain.

It was a bit of steep climb up there, but with my Goretex shoes and light weight quick dry adventure outfit it was no worries!

On cloud 9

A perfect bluebird day!

Mandy with the ground we covered in the background.

Go the tripod and timer shot! Cape Town in the background.

Lions Head that looks over Cape Town. They say it looks like a Lion. Robben Island in the background where Nelson Mandela did his time.

Doing a little bit of filming on the top. And yes, I look a little bit bamboozled by the tripod.

Cape Town, one of the more beautiful cities of the world.

Sun setting on a glorious day!