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Penguin Refugee Camp.

29 Dec

This is what makes the blood shot racoon eyes from long hours and lack of sleep so worthwhile! Today I started early at 4am and was lucky to get off early at 8am. I was just in time to jump onboard the last zodiac heading for St Andrew bay which is home to South Georgia’s largest King Penguin population (and yes they are all penguins behind me).

It was one of those times where you feel how amazing something is when you’re there. So many times it is not until you have left and reflect that you realise how beautiful a place is or how special the moment was. But it is impossible not to be awestruck by the vast sea of penguins, the fur seals, the sounds, the smell, the curiosity of the clumsy yet elegant king penguin. Add to this the beautiful blue sky day which is very rare and the wonderful backdrop of rocky peaks and glaciers, just added to the moment.

I describe St Andrews bay as a penguin refugee camp, you know how you see overcrowded refugee camps on the 6 o’clock news, well that’s what it felt like. 200,000 King penguins packed onto the beach, and add to this South Geogia’s largest Elephant seal population. Just awesome.

This afternoon I was hoping to get to do another landing at Gold Harbour on South Georgia Island but it has been cancelled due to high winds, which is probably a blessing in disguise as it meant I could write this post and catch an hours sleep. The photo below is from the observation deck as we are anchored in Gold Harbour.

Below is a short video I took looking down on the penguin refugee camp (how many times can I say amazing in one video?).