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Start your MOtors!

31 Oct

Howdy folks,

Well it’s the first of November (even though the date of the post says the 31st Oct – it’s run on a different time zone), the start of which is commonly known as Movember. The month dedicated to men’s health, particularly focusing on prostate cancer and depression. Each year 3,300 men in Australia will die from prostate cancer and one in eight suffers from depression.

So along with all the other fine men at my work I have dedicated my upper lip to the cause. If you don’t know about Movember, it’s where you start the month clean shaven and then groom yourself an amozing moustache for the whole month. You then get people to jump on board and sponsor your moustache, in the process raising funds and awareness for men’s health research, educational and support programs.

I started the day clean shaven which is quite a drastic measure as I haven’t been clean shaven in a couple of years, well actually for Antarctica I was, but the past few years I resembled the photo above taken last year with a Thai pussy (photo taken whilst living in Thailand). The photo below is what I look like clean shaven this morning. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking you’re probably thinking that I shouldn’t shave as I resemble a pubescent teenage Italian wannabe porn star named Fabio whose mother did too much acid while he was in the womb –

Yesterday I started up my Movember donation page, but then realised I’m getting pretty greedy these days asking for donations; men’s health, bicycles for impoverished Africans, save the Happa fund. Crikey, it’s a cut throat competitive market, everyone wanting your money that you spend on yourself! I felt a little guilty donating to my Movember site when I still hadn’t donated to my expedition charity Bicycles for Humanity, especially when I’m planning on donating a couple of thousand $ for the sea container. So I put my first instalment of $300 towards the container, and then a little $30 donation towards Movember, I never knew donating would be so darn stressful!

But at the end of the day it all pumps up the Karma account, sharing’s caring! I don’t want to steal Movember’s thunder, but hey if you want to donate to my expedition charity Bicycles for Humanity then go here, we have currently raised $1861.95 of the $12,000 container transportation costs. Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far.

If you want to support my mo and Men’s health then go to my Movember page. I had a warm up run for the mo at an ‘All things American’ fancy dress party I went to in the weekend as Magnum PI, (towards the end of the night I ended up wearing a Mandy’s Dorothy wig from the Wizard of OZ). It’s time for me to get out of the spot light, put my moisturiser and tissues away and let some other people on stage. Heres some photos from the “All things American’ party of other people that aren’t named Hap.

Linnley dressed as Mandy and Mandy dressed as Dorothy – ummm, that could get me in trouble after a couple of beers.

Fat Frank the loud American tourist from Florida

Madonna, Jersey Shore boy and Burlesque dancer

Snow white and Yellow taxi

Cheese Burrito and American Physco

George Washington and Magnum PI (Ohhh let me back in the spot light)

Superman and the Statue of Liberty

The Amish

George Bush


My favourite photo – Chiz with his hairy hands getting busted checking out Superman’s crotch!