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Things happen for a reason

10 Aug

The last post I told you how we missed our bus and ended up having to change our destination to Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital city with 1.3 million people. While I’m on the topic of populations, Uruguay reminds me a little of New Zealand in respect to its demographics. It has a population of 4 million people (South Americas smallest Spanish speaking country) with the largest city having about a 1/3 of the population, with the rest of the inhabitants scattered about the rest of the country. And from my travels in the bus I would say they have as many cows as we do sheep-I wonder if they are as fond of their cows as we are our sheep?

On the bus ride from Colonia to Montevideo Mandy and I met a French couple who were going to meet a local friend. That night we ended up going for a Friday night on the town with them and their friend.

No need to say we had a great night and our time in Montevideo was spent how we started it; eating, drinking, and wandering Montevideo’s plazas and streets. I really enjoyed Montevideo, I went there not expecting much, as all I knew of it was that Mandy had been there 5 years ago and had her camera stolen. But it turned out to be a great city; I was pleasantly surprised and would have to give it a Hap two thumbs up.

But getting bored of all this eating and drinking, it was time to move off to a relaxing spot! It was onto the original destination, Salto in the north on Uruguay. Salto is known for its natural hot pools and it’s as common to see people walking around in robes as it is to the locals walking around with their mate flasks tucked under their arms.

The hot pools had a very Uruguayan touch to them, meaning that they were not flashy or luxurious by any means of the imagination, but that was what I enjoyed about them. One thing they were was relaxing, and a day there doing nothing recharged the travel batteries ready for the overnight bus mission back into Argentina-and it was a bit of mission, I will inform you in the next post.