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Twists, turns and falls

19 Oct


I was just thinking it was a year ago that I was air-lifted to hospitable after my fall from the rope swing where I fractured my vertebra. 

 Looking at the above picture just hits home and reminds me how lucky I am to be where I am and be able to do what I can.  I remember lying there, I had just fallen 5m impacting on the top of my spine, having pain in my neck and having lost my vision (temporarily).  

At that time I wasn’t thinking “I wish I had sat on my arse more and watched more TV or played more play station” I was thinking “I will do anything to come out of this normal” and lying there you realise how capable you were of doing amazing things.

Luckily one year on, I’m doing all that I could do before and more.  The accident encouraged me to increase my first aid skills, and so I joined my mines Emergency Response Team (we train to do what the volunteer firefighters do back home) where I have received great training and experiences.  Since the accident I’ve run a 1/2 marathon and gained my open-water dive cert in which I want to keep progressing. The upcoming summer I want to do more rock climbing and I will definitely be getting some sailing experience under my belt as my crystal ball tells me there will be some sailing in my future journeys -ummmm the coast of Africa would be amazing, who knows?

A big thank you to Mum, Dad, Family and friends who helped me through that little fall.

I’m sorry if it sounds like one of those “send this to 10 people on your email list to gain good luck” emails.  But I just want you all to be happy with what you have and if your aren’t happy with what you’ve got, be happy for what you don’t have.

Nuthin But Love Hap