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Living the high life in Koh Phangan

21 May

Not only were we driving around in a flash truck, but we were also living in luxury. We set up base at Highlife bungalows at Haad Yao beach. Usually I would be refused entry into a resort like this, but it was low season. So for 3 days, I lived the high life for only $16 (AUD) a night.

Unfortunately the service received was that of what you would expect from caged monkeys that have been repetitively poked with sticks their entire lives. But the company and setting well made up for it. Check out the photos below of our resort and Haad Yao.

Relaxing in the resort pool – not bad aye.


OK, I had to put one more photo of the pool in.


Fun in the sun on Haad Yao


Frolicking in the warm shallow waters of Haad Yao