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An expedition is like a penis

1 Feb

All expeditions are different, some are harder than others, especially these days everyone wants theirs to be bigger and better, and everything has to be longer, higher, faster.

Doing a virgin expedition is all the rage these days, we are currently in the era of firsts, everyone is getting themselves into a frenzy to be the “first” to do something before there are no longer any firsts left, the first man to walk around the world backwards wearing woman’s underwear, the first man to marry a chimpanzee (Ok if someone reads that and starts a reality TV show then I want some royalities). For example you can’t climb Everest anymore and expect respect, maybe if you climb Everest blind folded while sucking on laughing gas updating twitter along the way with your you tube channel you might get acknowledged (I just read the other day that there is now a 3G cell phone tower on Everest, so you can update you facebook status from the top of the world – ummmm if there was such a thing I would insert a thumbs down dislike for this, to me it feels like talking on the phone whilst taking a crap – some places just ain’t meant for talking).

But at the end of the day we all have a soft spot for our own………………..expedition, it’s ours, it’s our own and we can do with it what we want.

OK, sorry I was meant to be writing about inspiration, but I have gone on a ridiculous tangent, what is more worrying is that it’s 7am on a Monday morning and I’m in the airport writing this post before flying out to work, it’s going to be weird swing at work. I’m not looking forward to spending 10 hours a day with my thoughts whilst cutting rocks (and yes that is as fun as it looks)! Best I finish it here before I start comparing an expedition to a penis.

PS, I was just about to post this and Mandy has coincidently sent me a link to the successful applicants who won the Hilary Expedition grant that we missed out on, WOW. Reading through the succesful applicants kinda felt like walking into a Nigerian bath house!

WOW, amazing what some people are doing, reading through them it is hard to believe that we even made the short list, EXTREME is one work to sum them up. Good luck to them all!