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Bikes for Africa Documentary Trailer.

3 Apr

Hey Folks,

Sorry about the last post you got, it’s been a while since I’ve been blogging so a bit rusty.  I have written a massive blog post about the documentary getting all emotional and thanking everyone, and talking about the experience, but I’m still writing it. I’ll try and post it soonish, or maybe I won’t get around to it as I’m under the pump writing this book that has to be off to the editor by the end of the month!

Anyway, I just wanted to get the documentary trailer up for you my blog followers to see as we released it today.  Sit back, get a beer/coffee and enjoy this inner thigh rub of a teaser.

View the Bikes for Africa trailer here https://vimeo.com/39439601 

Also – get on involved www.bikesforafrica.net and on the old facebook http://www.facebook.com/BikesForAfrica


Sich making waves!

21 Feb

Like an Antarctic ice berg breaking off and making a tsunami like wave, the FCE documentary maker Richard “Sich” Sidey has been making waves of his own within the filming industry.

His recent non-verbal experimental short film entitled “Landscapes at the Worlds Ends” embedded above has been gaining accolades and a lot interest from the doco and film industry. The film has been nominated as a finalist for the Best Short at NZ’s largest documentary film festival, Documentary Edge Festival. If you’re in NZ, the screening dates for the Landscapes at the Worlds Ends are as follows, so get along and support Sich.


Thu 24th Feb – Event Cinemas (Newmarket)

Sat 26th Feb – Academy Cinemas (CBD)

Sun 6th Mar – Event Cinemas (Newmarket)


Thu 17th Mar – Angelika at Reading Cinemas (Courtenay Place)

Sun 27th Mar – Angelika at Reading Cinemas (Courtenay Place)

Not only has the Sichnami been hitting NZ shores, but also the States. Landscapes at the World’s Ends has been selected for the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival to be held in California from March 9th to 13th, 2011. This festival is in its 8th year and features a selection of ocean related films from around the globe. Check out the festival website here.

And yes Australia has just started to recover from the devastating floods and they are going to be hit by the tsunami that is Landscapes at the Worlds Ends at the world renown Byron Bay Film Festival on March 4th-13th 2011.

So if you are going to be present in any of these locations then get along and support. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, then check out the FCE teaser that Sich put together with no expedition footage, just his parents oldskool film footage from their trip to Africa in the 70’s, absolute gold.

The seed of the FCE dream – Feb 2010

2 Dec

Howdy folks,

Below is an email I sent Sich (FCE doco maker) on February 16th of this year, while I was in Chile, just after I had finished work on the cruise ship in Antarctica. The same cruise ship that Sich had worked on as the photographer/videographer, the same cruise ship that Sich who at the time was a friend of a friend, had put the good word in for me, thus leading to me getting work as a waiter onboard after nearly 3 years of trying to get to Antarctica!

The email I sent him was entitled “TOP SECRET PROPOSAL”. I love reading back over it, as when I wrote this email, the Final Continent Expedition was just an idea, it was all a dream when I wrote this email, as I say in the email, Sich was the first person I told this idea to……………..now look at it………………….this makes me smile………………widely…………happily…………..like I have just had a few a beers and a glass of red………………………oh yeah I have. OK the email.

TOP SECRET PROPOSAL 16th February 2010


Don’t worry I’m not asking you to marry me.

The reason i emailing, want to get your thoughts. I met a kiwi couple on the Torres del Paine trek (southern Chile), they told me about a Hillary expedition fund that sponsors young kiwis on expeditions. For a while now I have been wanting to do something awesome, I’m sick of just back packing and travelling, taking a trip, i’m wanting to take “an expedition”. As you know I only have Africa to go, I’m wanting the Africa chapter to be off the charts, so I have been playing around with lots of ideas to incorparate an expedition in Africa that involves work.

Obviously I can’t place all eggs in the basket of getting this hillary expedition grant, but I’m giving myself a year in Melbourne, I’m hitting the ground running, and will get the sponsorship for the expedition.

But, where Mr Sidey comes in, if you were keen, or atleast think you maybe keen, you could use your artistical magic and make the film for the expedition.

Ok Ok, I realise this is all just an idea at the moment and you’re the first person i presented it to. But to give you an insight to what i’m thinking at present, something along the lines of human powered (for the grant it needs to be sport oriented, plus i want to draw on the 2041.com leaving no carbon footprint etc), then we end up at our destination. The destination is going to be the place we will all work (hence completing my goal).But not just any old work, we will build something, like a hall, a classroom etc.

OK bro, as you can see the brains on over drive, the idea will change a bit, get input, who keen etc, time etc, but that where i’m at the mo.

So, just let me know if you think you maybe keen.

Obviously won’t make any money, prob just debt, but an amazing experience with heaps of sweat, tears and laughter and good times.  I would be planning it for in a year and half time.  Like i said just thoughts, but one thing is for sure, I’m doing some kind of expedition in Africa, back packing just too easy, i want to experience the real Africa!.

OK, I’m off on a 52 hours bus ride, no doubt after 52 hours of bus ride the expedition would of changed again. And if you have any ideas or thoughts, let me know, all ears bro.

Nuthin but love Hap

SICH’S REPLY 18th February 2010

Hey bro,

Just read your email 3 times on a tiny iPod. This is just the sort of fuel that keeps me burning mate. I like. I’m sure a sweet sweet doco could come of this. Keep me informed!

Now I’m going to go off and think about this.

Chur Sich

– August 30th 2010

Hola Amigo

Last night, in the comfort of my own bed, mind not ready for sleep, suddenly this hap character comes into my brain again. Hell, this isn’t going the wrong way, trust me on this one, as disconcerning as that opening line is.

Thing is. The more I thought about your expedition, the more I think of what a great doco there is in it, an awesome story for the screen. Yup, it’d be mad not to make a go if it.

I can see a doco, which starts at the start of your bike ride, and as you ride your story gets revealed, from your past jobs to the current expedition with bikes for humanity. Easily make a commercial hour. And the festival circuit would dig it. I’ve just entered the DocNZ festival for Feb 2011 with my upcoming polar film ‘Landscapes at the World’s Ends‘ so I’ll def need a project for the 2012 fest!

Funding? I could shoot something like this solo easy, light gear to fit on a bike. im sure there’s avenues here to explore in getting a film grant or similar. its all new to me in that area but room to explore.

anyway, see – not so seedy thoughts after all.

well bro, im off to china next monday, on a bike for a month around the himalayas, but will be back early october. your thoughts?

take it easy man, hey to mandy.

chur, Sich


One question, was i naked in your thoughts?

hahaha,  I like mate, not me being naked, but your email, thoughts etc.  Let me do your email justice when i got time and will write a novel, but right now I’m off to work with the rocks.

Ummmm, i liking all this. nice


As you know, the rest is history. I absolutely love looking back at this, to a time when all this was just a crazy idea. Thank you all for being a part of it and making it a reality. Fingers crossed for the Hilary Expedition grant! We should be finding out next week.

Nuthin but love Hap

FCE Documentary gone public

24 Nov

Hey team,

Just a quick post to let you know that Sich the Final Continent Expedition doco maker has unveiled his plans for Africa 2012 on his blog, check out his post.

Also congratulations are in order for Sich whose recent triptych imagery film Landscapes at the world’s ends has been selected for New Zealand’s largest documentary film festival, Documentary edge 2011.

It’s been great to have Sich on board with his passion for the FCE project and professionalism, after getting off Skype with Sich I’m always excited, things are falling into place nicely. Sich is currently working on a little promo video for the FCE –once I hurry up and finish the written blurb he needs-, so watch this space.

Below is Sich’s Landscapes at the world’s ends trailer. And remember, go and check out his doco blog post. Enjoy.

The Final Continent Documentary!

14 Sep

Howdy Folks,

I got some great news last week. Richard Sidey (Sich) confirmed that he’s onboard for the final continent expedition and super pumped to make the documentary!

For those of you that don’t know Sich, I first met him through good friend Hazel Boot the amazing singer/songwriter none the less. When she was visiting last year in Paraguay she told me to get in contact with him as he was working as a videographer onboard an Arctic/Antarctic cruise ship. After meeting the crazy Antarctic work obsessed guy (me) briefly in the port of Ushuaia, Argentina (Sich pictured above showing me where his cruise ship had come from on the hostel map I was staying at in Ushuaia) he made some inquiries a couple of weeks later and got the inside word that an assistant waiter was desperately needed. A month later the below photo was taken, Sich welcoming me to the continent of Antarctica.

So who is this guy that is going to be cycling along with us through Southern Africa with his camera in hand documenting the final continent expedition, tying in my working the world quest and the amazing stories of people I have met along the way. If you are concerned for my safety and want to do a background check and make sure he’s not some sexual deviant with a fetish for skinny 28 year old Kiwi males then check out the following links

Sich’s blog – http://sichonice.blogspot.com

His website – http://www.richardsidey.com

His trailer to his latest imagery film from 3 years of working in the Arctic and Antarctic- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wV3V4VY4Rk

His award winning time lapse of New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, titled ‘Aeon’ – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpjQa2aSgMk

If you went into the above links (Or just checked out these photos of his that I’ve posted – how crazy the one above with the bear) you will see that I’m extremely lucky to have someone of Sich’s calibre on board. But it’s not just his wicked camera skills that excite me or his stunning good looks (I should really avoid having pints before writing blog posts), it’s his passion for the project! The only thing I can offer him is the guarantee that at some point along the way he will wish he hadn’t volunteered for this role, accompanied with a sore butt (from cycling all day), the high probability of diarrhoea, mosquito born diseases, dehydration and most of all plenty of good times, laughs and an unforgettable journey.

We have already had some epic email sessions about the documentary, and if you know about my ridiculously long email writing reputation then you will sympathise with Sich who received my longest ever email, it took me over 2 hours to write, flat out non-stop, unpunctuated Hap excitable babble…….. This was Sich’s reply to my email

My god Hap, are you in the clinic getting treated for OOS yet?? That was one massive body of text. I read through a massive bowl of weet-bix and cornflakes mix, two pieces of toast with manuka honey and then two cups of tea and I was still reading. What an effort!………….

I’m not going to divulge much more about Sich’s idea, the documentary is his little baby, and a good looking baby too. He’s currently doing some covert operation in the Himalaya’s (he actually is, well not covert but he’s there cycling or hiking doing something adventurous, the kind of stuff we would all want to be doing right now instead of reading this with a full day of work ahead). But it isn’t all fun and games, there are plenty of things to organise before Africa, prior filming, organising of interviews, coming here to Melbourne for filming, Nelson for filming, overseas interviews and the biggest obstacle of all, gaining funding for the doco! Although Sich said if all else fails we can do it Kiwi styles with duct tape and number 8 wire with the gear he has at present. Ideally if he’s going to pour his heart and soul into this project he will be wanting to use the best gear he can get – plus I’m hoping better gear will make me look better. If anyone has contacts or knows of filming grants etc please get in contact.

So that’s it folks, come the 2012 NZ/Australia/International film festivals watch out for Richard Sidey’s documentary masterpiece!