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2083 – A number with a meaning.

27 Oct

Hey folks,

To most of you the number 2083 has no significance, but for me it does. To me it represents another little milestone achieved. Let me explain.

Some people cycle the world, others cycle continents, some cycle to the pub, but for me I just wanted to cycle 2083kms. I started out this African journey with the goal of cycling 5000km, but with the container arriving earlier than expected it meant the first half of the trip had to be fast forwarded with a bus ride. Then with everything else that has changed, my goal also changed. I needed a new goal to ride towards.

So why 2083kms? I wanted to give all these kilometres I’m covering a tangible representation, a number that meant something to me. One day I typed into google maps, Cape Reinga (sorry the spell check don’t be speaking the Maori so if I spelt it wrong apologies) to Bluff, New Zealand’s most Northern point to its most Southern. You guessed it, 2083km’s was the distance by road.

A couple of days ago about 50 km’s outside of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe I rode past that little milestone. There was no finish line, no bikini clad models with champagne, just a sweaty Hap with a sore arse and an African woman carrying 20 litres of water on her head whilst breast feeding.

As I write this I have now covered 2500km, and I’m on the shores of Lake Malawi. I have been looking forward to reaching here for quite some time. I even put in my biggest day of 153km to get here. And yep it’s pretty darn beautiful. Now I’m trying to figure out a plan of how to get up to the base of Kilimanjaro to start my trek. Looks like I’ll have to leave my bike here in Malawi and jump on local bus so I make it in time.

OK, hope you all well. Sorry for lack of posts of late. I have had them all written out off line but have had no internet to upload them.