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A great week at work!

17 Feb

Last week would go down as one of my best weeks of work and it wasn’t because it was my last week either. Basically I was choppered out into the middle of nowhere for 5 days fieldwork, but I will let the photos do the explaining.

This beats the hell out of bush bashing for days on end carrying all the gear into the middle of nowhere. Why not take the kitchen sink?


Our sleeping area for the week.


Our cooking shelter for when it inevitably rains –it is the West Coast of Tasmaina- and of course it did for 2 days. We also had a tidy 5 star toilet area.


It wasn’t all fun and games. Up at 6.30am and we spent the days taking soil samples.



Steep terrain makes for long hard days of bush bashing, but when you stumble across a clearing like this for a snack it makes it all worth while. Or at least the cold beer at the end of the day does. It really hammers home how remote we really were, and you wonder if anyone has ever been here. We were a 20 minute chopper ride from civilisation. True wilderness.


It doesn’t really do the steepness of the terrain any justice, but there was lots of sliding on arse with 35kg packs of dirt.


Not a bad spot for lunch and a quick dip in the icy river –and yes I think they are possibly fat rolls on my stomach!


Getting water and another excuse for me to get my clothes off – And yes poor Lee my workmate got the job of photographing me.


Oh yeah, fine weather, dinner and hot chocolate.


After the week out bush I went back to Hobart with Lee and checked out the Tasmanian capital. I absolutely loved this little city, for a city 220,000 it packs a lot of punch, laid back people, surrounded by beautiful mountains, a picturesque harbour, a good little hippy/artist scene, easy access to beaches and the mountains.

I explain Tasmania as New Zealand and Australia’s love child, as if the two countries were going to make love, Tasmania would be the off spring. Two thumbs up from this nomadic hippy, here are some pics. Big cheers to Nic and Lee for having me crash the night and being super tour guides.

Could this be NZ? No, it’s the road to Hobart from Tasmania’s west coast.


The Picturesque Hobart harbour.


Some floating Tassie entertainment. Plenty happening in the weekends, one of the best markets I have been to, every Saturday in Hobart they have the Salamanca markets. GOLD


Work-mates and Hobart crew finishing up ice-creams on the beach, good times.

So it was a great last week at work. And tomorrow I start a new job, and yep I’m super stoked on it as well. I will fill you in on that next week. I also want to have my stand-up comedy routine up-loaded onto the blog in the coming days as well.

OK, hapworkingtheworld is Melbourne based now until Africa. Best get my skates on.


Photos of camping in Margaret River

5 Jan

Here’s some photo’s from before New Years of camping in Margaret River. 6 of us went down for a couple of nights after Christmas. The reason for the trip was to show Mandy’s sister Crystal around, who was over from the States for a couple of weeks over the Christmas New Year period.

I will do another post tomorrow of the New Years period, which saw us go to 3 music festivals/gigs in 4 days, great times, but I’m glad the silly season is over and I’m looking forward to getting some blood back in my alcohol system!

Enjoy the photos







OK, will get a post done tomorrow of photos of the New Year music gigs/festivals.  Hope the New Year treating you all fine and dandy.

Nuthin but love Hap