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ERT trip to Telfer Mine

15 Nov

Last swing I went over to neighbouring mine Telfer with the Woodie Woodie Emergency Response Team.

Each mine has an Emergency Response Team (ERT) as they have to be self sufficient in all aspects including emergencies, due to there isolated nature.  The ERT team plays the role that a Volunteer Fire Brigade does in towns, ie attending fires, vehicle accidents, plane crashes, chemical spills, rope rescues, search and rescue etc.

The Telfer Training involved a bush fire and search and rescue exercise. These are two scenarios where our ERT teams (Telfer, Nifty and Woodie Mines) would have to join forces and help each other due to our isolated nature from other mines and towns. It was a great day (not too mention night), and learnt heaps from the Telfer guys. Check out the photos below. 

Next week I’m attending a 4 day Cert 3 Mines Rescue Emergency First Responder course which is an advanced first aid course based on being the first person on the scene. I’ve been studying for this the past couple of months and I’m really looking forward to it as it goes into detail about anatomy and the functioning of the human body etc, so learning heaps.  I will post some photos of the course if I get the chance to take any.