TVNZ Breakfast show with Paul Henry – Tales of a kiwi adventurer (April 2010)


The Nelson Mail, New Zealand – Bicycle Power for Africa (January 2011)

The Nelson Mail, New Zealand – Hair sacrificed for trip to ice (March 2010)

The Nelson Mail, Nelson, New Zealand – The continental drifter (March 2010)

Sunday Star Times, New Zealand – 6 continents down, 1 to go (December 2009)

El diario del Fin del Mundo, Argentina – “7 continentes antes de los 30” (Nov 2009)

Waimea Weekly, Richmond, NZ – Richmond man works on world quest (Sept 2008)

The Press, New Zealand – Pair plunge 20 metre from bush swing (October 2007)

PRINT (written by me)

boots’n’ – Kissing Paraguayan men (September 2009)

The Press, New Zealand – The great Australian mining myth (May 2008)


3CR bike show – The Final Continent Expedition – go to 9 minutes in for the interview (May 2011)

Radio Live – Living and working in all of the worlds continents (Dec 2010)

ABC radio interview, Australia (Working in the Australian Outback) (Dec 2008)

Radio NZ interview – Hap’s Big OE (Working at the 2007 US Golf Open) (June 2007)

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