USA, Colorado

17th April 2007 – 27th June 2007

Love does funny things to a man!

I had no desire to go back to the US because I had already lived and worked there twice. But you may recall two chapters previous while backpacking in Mexico I met American Amanda. After harmlessly emailing after our meeting in Sayulita on the Mexican Pacific Coast, one thing led to another in the cyber world of emails. A suggestion of meeting up, moved to a suggestion of living together in Amanda’s one bedroom apartment in Denver, Colorado. 

Next thing I know I’m on a plane, off to move into a girls one bedroom apartment that I had known in person for only 6 days, but had emailed for 3 months! Sound crazy? Well, Amanda and I both thought it was crazy as well, but when something feels right, you just run with it. You lose much by fearing to attempt, we approached it with open minds, realising that it could easily turn pear shaped, in which case I would just do what I did best and move onto another chapter, go to Alaska with the other transients.

I met my first obstacle before we even started living together. I arrived at Denver International  Airport, with only $40 to my name. I didn’t even had a credit card, my credit card had expired, and my new one (with no money on it) was waiting for me at Amanda’s place because I didn’t want to risk getting it sent to Tapachula (Mexican post is as reliable as public transport). As you can imagine Immigration had a field day with me. I was taken out back for “further questioning”, I utilised my Marketing degree and tried to sell them my story ‘I had met a girl in Mexico for 6 days, now I’m going to live with her and she has my credit card’.  That $30,000 piece of paper finally came to use, I was let through, God knows what I would have done if I had been denied entry, I would of had no way of accessing money because I had no card.

Me and Amanda in Denver Colordo Camping

So on the Thursday afternoon I arrived, the Friday was spent catching up with Amanda, Saturday we went snowboarding (that same week I had been surfing in Mexico), Sunday seeing a few of the sights, and Monday I had found work as a landscaper. My worldly belongings (pack full of smelly clothes) were moved into Amanda’s spare closet. From then on our lives fell into a natural routine, I was a glorified hole digger, and Amanda continued her high-school Spanish teaching, masters study and bar work. Most weekends were spent chilling with Amanda’s Sister’s  family, the same crew that I had met in Sayulita.

Looking back it’s quite funny, we totally ditched the dating game, met each other and moved in, it was like our own reality TV program, minus the silicon and rippling steroid monkeys -I’m 100% natural, a rippling 18 pack of ribs! My 90 day visa was fast approaching its end. Conveniently Amanda’s school holidays were also approaching. So we both bought tickets to go backpacking together in Colombia. After buying our tickets we then figured out how we were going to fund the trip.

Ouch! Why am I getting Dreadies again? The sisters rocking out.

$12/hr for landscaping was enough to live off, but I couldn’t save anything for the upcoming Colombia trip. I got in touch with my golf tenting contact from the ‘USA tenting’ chapter. He gladly gave me a position helping erect……………..the hospitality tents in Pennsylvania for the 2007 US Open.

It was a different experience that year at the Golf Open, for starters Micheal Campbell the New Zealander golfer didn’t win. But also, I had a tiny little bit more maturity on my side, I had a girlfriend so did not feel the need to go and paint the town red each night and struggle through the next day. I also took on a bit more of a senior role as I was experienced and helped translate to the two non English speaking Guatemalans – one of which had lived in Tapachula and the other who sworn he had served me at a restaurant in Guatemala when I was there.  Working with my boss, there was never a dull moment, except when a Health and Safety man came on site and ordered me down off the forks of the forklift and questioned me for 10 mins.

After the golf, it was back to Denver, pack for the trip and Amanda and I flew to Colombia to write the next chapter together.


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