Europe Trip 2

25th Apr 2005 – 1 June 2005

I sit looking out a rainy bus window in Munich, Germany on my stopover enroute to Edinburgh, Scotland to visit my sister for a couple of weeks.  I was still feeling the effects of the Meningitis spinal tap, not to mention the 3 day cheap travel route I was taking to get to Edinburgh.

I arrived in Edinburgh in time to celebrate my sisters birthday. I saw the great sights of this great city and when I had enough of the sights I hung out with my University mates who lived there. That was just as interesting as the sightseeing as one of them was working in the trainspotting world of the methadone program trying to ween junkies off heroin, the stories were intriguing but sad.

After 2 weeks of Edinburgh my sister and I left the castles, cobblestone streets, friendly locals, atmospheric smokey bars and boarded our 20 Euro flight to Nice in the south of France. After studying the French Riviera in high-school as one of the worlds biggest tourist destinations I was shocked to be welcomed by a rocky beach –must be a chiropractics dream-.  We boarded a bus and met our Mum, Dad,  Aunty and Uncle at a vineyard surrounded Villa for a week of catching up after 2 years apart.

We got to check out my mate Tom Cruise at the opening to ‘War of the Worlds’ at the Cannes Film Festival . Getting there nearly saw me cause a highway pile up due to not shutting the boot (trunk) of the car. This saw the car empty our suitcases over the wet highway backing up a tooting line of angry French motorists as we herded the naughty cases back into the car. Ooooooops!

We made our way through the Pyrenees and into Northern Spain where I jumped out at Bilbao to fly to London to catch my flight to the next chapter of the journey. But before flying out I had to get my beach fix after being in landlocked Columbus, Ohio.  With my map I made my way to the beach, welcomed by old men with there binoculars watching what must of been a good bird watching spot. I get down to the beach and realise that I’m the only one wearing clothes. I quickly put my towel down on a free area of sand and lay belly down! Once things had calmed down my travel quote came into my head ‘you lose much by fearing to attempt’. So I got on my birthday suit and strutted to the water with my new sense of freedom and naughtiness. I finally reached the water that was at low-tide. The water was freezing, and saw my feelings of freedom and naughtiness ‘shrink’ away to be replaced by dread and ‘what the hell am I doing?’. I eyed my towel 50 metres up the beach and felt like a soldier eyeing the safety of a trench but having to endure 50 metres of hostile enemy territory. I made it to the trench, took would dignity I had and made a beeline for the beach exit on the cliff where the ‘birdwatchers’ were still perched with there binoculars fixed on the birdless beach.

After that it was time for the next chapter, I was off back to the USA to meet my Brazilian companion Barney to start work and have a second attempt at paying off my accumulating credit card debt.


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  1. Ducky May 11, 2011 at 4:14 am #

    That saves me. Thanks for being so seisnlbe!

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