Good people!

2 Dec

When you watch the 6 o’clock news (which I don’t, so I’m just pulling on childhood memories of watching the news with Dad) you wonder if there are any good people out there.

Well folks, Channel Hap news would like to announce that there are plenty of kind hearted folks out there, and since being back in Australia I have had nothing but good experiences.

In major breaking news I was tossing up whether I was going to ship my bike back to NZ or sell it. Obviously I have a special bond with my bike after spending 2,550km with its seat up my bum. But arriving back broke to the inflated real world after I was thinking of selling my bike.

I was talking with my good friend Patty about this and he said that he would have a talk with his company as it has a good heart and social conscience. His company just so happen to be the world’s largest privately owned moving company, Crown Relocations.

Whilst having lunch with another good friend Chiz, Pat rings me and tells me that he told his company about all the good work I had done in Africa and my little cycling adventure that ended with me getting robbed. And guess what? The kind hearted folks at Crown offered to ship my bike back to Nelson for no charge! How cool is that! So thanks to Crown Relocations I won’t have to be a 30 year old having my mum dropping me off at my friend’s house when back in NZ.

When I got off the phone Chiz who has a way of saying things how they are looks at me and says in certain words

“You’d be screwed without your friends”

To which I replied “you’re telling me…………………………….do reckon I can borrow your other bike for the remainder of my time in Melbourne?”

Since being back I have felt so lucky to be surrounded by such great friends. All who have looked after their bedraggled friend who literally got chewed up and spat out of Africa. And then there was all the help, support and donations that made Africa happen before even getting there. So I’m thinking should be

Despite what the 6 o’clock news may depict, there are plenty of good people out there and some big companies that have a good heart.

Thank you to all my amazing friends, and Crown Relocations!

3 Responses to “Good people!”

  1. Geoff at 2:29 am #

    Thats absolutely great news but do you have another friends place in Nelson where you can store your bike???!!!
    ps Beer fridge full
    pps Looking forward to my Xmas pressie

    • Hap at 9:04 am #

      your present is in the bike box, reckon you can go pick up for me?

  2. sis at 7:28 am #

    I love Chiz’s comment – so true…

    G – they had better also be some room for some Sav in that fridge!!

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