Bike shop update and a birthday present idea

6 Nov

Hey folks

The other day I got an email from Moses the bike shop manager giving me an update of how things are going. As of last week they have sold all the bikes and are waiting for resupply. Yep that’s 356 (there were 406 bikes in the container but 50 went to resupply another bike shop 70km away) bikes that have been given a new life here in Africa thanks to all you that donated and helped out, so good on ya’s.

Moses has also been embracing his role as bike workshop manager with many new initiatives. Him the other hardworking men have been going to the local open market and setting up a bike stall and announcing on a megaphone. They have covered every corner in Katima with posters and Moses has made appearances on the local TV and radio stations advertising. Mose tells me that the local furniture and Chinese shops that sell poor quality Chinese and Indian colonial styled single geared bikes have even dropped their prices to compete. The work shop has recently acquired a second hand lap top and printer that will help them out immensely with their monthly reports and keeping in contact with the likes of me. It’s so cool to see how much pride the guys have taken in the work shop and how they are making the most of the opportunity. It’s pretty special.

As you may know my birthday is coming up in a couple of days. I just checked the fundraising website and see that a wooping $10,616.70 has been donated by you generous souls. But I was thinking that going with the 11/11/11 theme of my birthday it would be cool to reach $11,000. Even with work shop set, the money will still be going to the hardworking Melbourne bicycles for humanity crew and will help in the resupply of the Katima bike shop. So if you had wanted to donate before and never got around to, then now is the time. Or if you wanted to buy me a birthday present I couldn’t think of a better one than helping in the resupply of the bike shop. Just hit this little link.

Once again a big thank you to everyone that has donated.

6 Responses to “Bike shop update and a birthday present idea”

  1. Andy at 12:25 pm #

    Hey Hap,
    5 more sleeps till the big BDAY… what an achievement (not only the working continents gig, but also surviving your stories in your posts!!)
    Your generosity continues and the Bicycles for Humanity Melbourne team would happily send another container load of bikes to Katima. Funds are delaying us… just $4,000 to get them to Africa, so ANY help from your wonderful supporters will go directly to sending the bikes.
    HUGE HAPPY BDAY from Andy, Matt and Ylva (the Melbourne Team), look forward to celebrating with you on your return and HUGE thanks from us and those you are supporting in Namibia 🙂

    • Hap at 5:13 am #

      Hey Andy,
      thanks for the comment. Just arrived back in Melbourne so I’m making the most of fast/reliable internet to get through the back log of emails and comments. I’m hoping to do a bit of PR back here in Melbourne, so hopefully can get a few more donations rolling in to get the next container through to Katima.

      Looking forward to catching up with you guys, will be in contact. Thanks for all the support and work!

      NBL Hap

  2. Ylva at 8:19 am #

    We love you Hap! Keep pedalling, climbing and smiling! (Ditto everything Andy said in the comment above). love, Andy, Matt & Ylva (B4H Melbourne)

    • Hap at 5:08 am #

      Cheers Ylva,
      Back in Melbourne now, I’ll be in touch and we’ll all have to catch up before i head back to NZ.
      Hope all is good in the B4H community.
      NBL hap

  3. Fi at 5:47 am #

    Love reading your posts, awesome, just awesome! Truely fantastic adventures. Will be thinking of you on the 11th! Wahoooo, the most happiest of birthdays to you. Arohanui x

    • Hap at 5:07 am #

      Hey Fi,
      just catching up on the blog comments, chur for the comment. yeah was good times on the bday. Seems all a bit surreal now as I’m back in Melbs. Pumped for summer and how about CoroGold, how cool that going to be. Catch up there, hope you well.
      NBL Hap

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