Going bush!

3 Sep

Hey folks,

Just a quick post to let you know I’m heading bush for a week on a mini working the world chapter. Therefore I won’t have internet access.

I was meant to be leaving Katima on my bike this Monday, cycling Northern Zimbabwe, into Zambia ending in Malawi.  We were having my going away drinks at a local bar and I got talking to a short energetic English guy in his mid 30’s by the name of Dan who had just spent 2 months in the bush straigh. I had heard a lot about Dan from the local expats as he happens to have a small Safari camp an hour out of town. Its just down the road from Rodericks village and accross the river from the other previous posts about the Elephants.

Dan managed to talk to me into going out and building some mud huts for his camp as he’s quiet the next couple of weeks. Although it wasn’t a hard sell, especially once he mentioned sunset beers on his boat fishing. If you don’t hear from me for a week or two that’s the reason why. He’s promised me heaps of wildlife and having spent the night with Dan there will be plenty of laughs as well.

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