We had a big flattie!

15 Jun


Yip, we had a big flattie. The tyres are fine, in fact the bikes are still in the box. When I talk of a flattie I mean Mandy and I were flat when we hit Cape Town. It was rather ironic, after planning this for so long you would have thought we were would have been bursting at the seams with excitement. But we couldn’t be bothered doing anything, our bodies just seemed to shut down, the colds that we had been fighting off with pre leaving adrenaline caught up with us, we just wanted to sleep on arrival.

I kept thinking, I should be excited, but sleep was the only thing that excited me……………………….and the amazing hamburgers they have here, best hamburgers in the world I reckon. Our friend Shannon (pictured beside me above before our Dive Master Snorkel test) who I did my Dive Masters with in Thailand had just the ticket for us and had booked us into her Mum’s B&B in quaint Simonstown for 2 nights. It was just what the doctor ordered, we chilled and slept.

Curve ball

As well as chilling out, we had a pretty massive decision to make. The container will be in Katima Mulilo in the first week of July, in a couple of weeks! This shouldn’t have come as a major surprise as we knew the container had already arrived in Africa. But with all the hype around leaving, it just didn’t cross my mind. Then all of a sudden, it dawned on me that if we cycled up to Katima, then we would arrive 2 months later than the container.

So as well as our blah state of mind, we also spent the first three days in Cape Town trying to get our heads around our situation. Cycle to Katima Mulilo and miss out on implementing the container, or fly to Katima, implement the container and miss out on cycling there.

Now that we’ve got our minds around the situation we’ve come up with a pretty good plan B. I should have it sorted out by the coming day and I will fill you in on when it’s finalised.

Great South African Hospitality

But enough of the blah state, poor me bullocks. We are in Africa, and after repairing our flatty, it was time to pump up the tyre (I know, pretty amazing cycling metaphor, LOL – Yep, I just wrote LOL). We were taken into Shannon’s extended family and have been shown some of the best hospitality, WOW, what a weekend, rugby, wine tastings, dinners, BBQ’s, sunshine, good times. I feel like a new person from the deflated person I was talking about above after a great weekend. I will let the photos do the talking.

Great seats for the Stormers vs Bulls (yep, the only photo I got was of the cheerleaders)

Walking the dogs on Sunday down to the café for breakfast. Table Mountain in back ground.

Our own personal tour with Paddy, Nicole and Debbie.

Beautiful coast line.

A photo of some freak we came across on our way up Table Mountain, this guy thought he was climbing Everest, he had quick dry everything, compression socks, goretex shoes, waterproof bag, zip off trousers (queue head shake). Anyway, I will do post on our hike up Table Mountain. Stunning.

8 Responses to “We had a big flattie!”

  1. Patrick K at 9:38 pm #

    well done guys, feet down on the continent! i’m sure your plan b will b for the best. looking forward to reading the progress – soldier on, sleeping is for us not you!

    • Hap at 7:34 pm #

      Chur bro, you enjoy Melbs eh.

  2. Mark at 6:21 am #

    Looking forward to hearing Plan B, once you’re rested, fed and watered!
    The socks really do demand a blog of their own. Extraordinary.

    • Hap at 7:40 pm #

      Yep Plan B has been unveiled.
      You should smell the socks, I only have 3 pair

  3. Geoff at 12:22 pm #

    Hap, you look like a,constipated, tap dancing troglodyte.
    What a lovely SA family. Hospitality sounds G8.Nice to hear from you!

    • Hap at 7:38 pm #

      hospitality sounds GATE does is Geoffrey. Yeah it been awesome. Off in a couple of days, itchy feet to get on the road now. Been great in Cape Town. Hope all good in Nelson.

  4. Pauline at 4:35 pm #

    So much Beauty! Not at all what I expected to see! So happy to hear from you and that you and Mandy have been well taken care of! love Mama Pauline

    • Hap at 7:39 pm #

      Yep all good, Cape Town is a beautiful city! I hope you are well. love Hap and Mandy

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