Quick update from the media hussy

4 Jun

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been chaos here, Beer, bikes and bands, filming for the documentary, trying to get the first half of the book to the editor, moving out of our house, packing gear for Africa, getting bikes sorted, having Mum and Dad stay, blah blah, yip busy.  Really looking forward to getting on the plane to Cape town on Tuesday morning and taking a breath! But loving it, the time has come, woop woop.

Here are some interviews from this week,

SBS radio interview about Bicycles for Humanity, click here


The Age. Article on Bicycles for Humanity with a mention on Mandy and I, click here


OK, gotta fly, Mandy and I are off to another interview on Joy FM’s travel show. My god I feel like a little media hussy!

One other thing, Beer, Bikes and Bands was a great success! Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone that made it so awesome!

Sorry for the brief abrupt post, I will give you some more tender blog loving when we hit Africa in 3 days! THE FINAL CONTINENT!


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