Then there were two.

21 Mar

I got the news last week that Sich our doco maker won’t be coming to Africa. He was as gutted as Mandy and I. There were a ton of reasons that left Sich with no option, the biggest being that monkey of a thing called money. And with at least $10,000 of cash required to cover personal costs, it’s a pretty big monkey, maybe a Gorilla – and the gorilla keeps getting bigger, I just spent $600 at the travel doctor! Yep it doesn’t take long for the cost of bikes, plane tickets, panniers, camping gear, clothes, vaccinations, camera’s, insurance, food to add up and not to mention 7 months of no income. And with no sponsors or grants onboard it’s a pretty big ask.

But the show –or should I say doco- will go on. Sich is still pumped on the doco and will be coming to Melbourne for our fundraising event on the last weekend in May (book it in, Melbourne, Sunday, May 29th at 4pm. Beer, Bikes and Bands), and will be doing the pre doco filming, and then will do the post doco filming and the editing next year.

Once I got over the initial disappointment of not having Sich a long for the journey I became a little excited. What first started off as a “shit, another thing I have to buy -a camera, and worry about filming” has turned into a great little opportunity. Now I’m super excited about it, I spent yesterday with my mate Tofa buying my recommended camera, and it just so happens that Tofa is an industrial designer and will build a camera mount for the bike. Another friend who has studied film will give me the necessary tips, and Grand Master Sich will polish my skills up before departure. So it’s all rather exciting now.

Anyway folks, off to work, which by the way I was going to write a blog post on my new job but I have been rather busy of late with organising Africa therefore the blog has been a little neglected, apologies. Anyway, I’m working in a bike shop, doing basic repairs, which will be invaluable experience and will help with the implementing of the container and training of locals.

OK, I plan to give you an expedition update soon (although I have been planning this for the past 2 weeks).

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