Some cycling videos and inspiration.

11 Mar

Here’s a couple of inspiring video’s about adventure.

The first is of Rob Thomson, one of my inspirations behind setting myself the human powered adventure challenge for my final continent. It was after being directed to his blog by my mate, and Rob’s brother Chris, and reading Rob’s thought provoking blog posts whilst working in the mines in Western Australia that I was inspired.

Anyway, I love this video, it’s a 10 minute glimpse into Rob’s final chapter of his Guiness World record skate, check it out

The meaningful words below are what Rob has said about the Final Continent Expedition.

Hap has proven himself a man of great determination and grit with his above-all-odds success so far in his unique working-on-all-continents-before-30 dream. And once again Hap has dreamed himself a worthy dream – cycling Africa. This is a dream that will bring great joy, fun, and enriching experiences. It is, however, also a dream that will cost him. It will cost him time. It will cost him physical pain. Mental agony. A determined mind. Most of all it will, more than any experience thus far, cost him his innocence and ignorance. The latter two costs are, in my view, the hardest but most rewarding things to pay when pursuing a dream such as Hap has conjured up. Any extended human powered journey in environments different to one’s own comfortable cultural and environmental bubble will leave a person changed. It will leave a person aware, enlightened perhaps, to the issues and challenges of our wide world. And with that awareness comes responsibility. A responsibility that I am thrilled to see Hap already embracing through his collaboration with Bicycles for Humanity and BEN Namibia. Therefore I wish him all the best for his journey. Hap’s dream is a reality. May it change many, and be the inspiration needed for many more to embrace their own worthy dreams.

The second video is of Tom and Andy’s 1000km cycle through Mongolia, which was the final chapter of their Ride Earth project. There are 4 x 10 minute videos, super professional, and great to watch whilst eating your lunch. Tom has been awesome with answering all my questions about cycle touring and handing down invaluable information.


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