Apparently I’m one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors!

14 Feb

Yesterday I read in New Zealand’s main Sunday paper magazine that I was listed as one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors in the Valentine Day’s cover story. The article “set about finding the best catches out there, the most highly prized, unmarried, individuals making New Zealand’s heart throb”.

In amongst Liam Finn (Musician and son of Crowded house legend), super models, chefs, Olympians, and other celebrities there was an unemployed glorified hippy by the name of Hap Cameron. The article read this about him:

The funny part about all this is that the first I heard about this was from an email from Kate, a semi-retired Kiwi/Ozzie who I volunteered with at the orphanage in Mexico 4 years ago. She was holidaying in Auckland and had come across the article and emailed me and that was the first I knew about it.

I find it all rather funny that as one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors that I just found out yesterday that it was Valentine’s Day today. In my defence I did spend all last week in the middle of the Tasmanian wilderness cut off from the real world and communication. But I did give Mandy wood for her Valentine’s present. After my week in the wilderness I spent the weekend in Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, and I had bought her a wooden chopping board at the Salamanca Saturday markets. Yes, it could possibly be the world’s most unromantic Valentine’s Day present – Umm, I’m not sure how she’s going to fit the chopping board on her bike for Africa.

So, what do I think about all this? I had a laugh thats for sure. Let’s put this into perspective. I’m nearly 30, as of last Saturday I’m unemployed, I’ve had over 20 jobs in the last 8 years, all my assets fit into a pack and I still gain extreme pleasure in farting under the sheets. Now if they are the credentials of one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors, NZ’s dating future is looking as bright as a heroin addict applying to be a pharmacist’s assistant.

Anyways, here are some photo’s of NZ’s most eligible bachelor from the past year

PS My Victorian semi-final for the Australian RAW comedy festival is tomorrow night, so fingers crossed.

PPS As one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors I’m wondering if I could make any money from selling my used underwear on ebay?

PPPS My final announcement. Ladies, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transvestites and sheep, I’m going to have to break your hearts; I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my valentine Mandy. Have a great day, ohhhhhh.

3 Responses to “Apparently I’m one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors!”

  1. Geoff at 3:04 pm #

    That stag looks good on you Bro!
    Nice pic of Pelorus bridge, Nelson NZ. Great photography.
    Whoever wrote the valentine eligibilty artcle was clearly on something pharmaceutical at the time.
    See you Hunk!


    • Hap at 4:30 pm #

      What can I say G, it must have been Mum’s genes!

  2. Charlie at 12:46 pm #


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