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Sich making waves!

21 Feb

Like an Antarctic ice berg breaking off and making a tsunami like wave, the FCE documentary maker Richard “Sich” Sidey has been making waves of his own within the filming industry.

His recent non-verbal experimental short film entitled “Landscapes at the Worlds Ends” embedded above has been gaining accolades and a lot interest from the doco and film industry. The film has been nominated as a finalist for the Best Short at NZ’s largest documentary film festival, Documentary Edge Festival. If you’re in NZ, the screening dates for the Landscapes at the Worlds Ends are as follows, so get along and support Sich.


Thu 24th Feb – Event Cinemas (Newmarket)

Sat 26th Feb – Academy Cinemas (CBD)

Sun 6th Mar – Event Cinemas (Newmarket)


Thu 17th Mar – Angelika at Reading Cinemas (Courtenay Place)

Sun 27th Mar – Angelika at Reading Cinemas (Courtenay Place)

Not only has the Sichnami been hitting NZ shores, but also the States. Landscapes at the World’s Ends has been selected for the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival to be held in California from March 9th to 13th, 2011. This festival is in its 8th year and features a selection of ocean related films from around the globe. Check out the festival website here.

And yes Australia has just started to recover from the devastating floods and they are going to be hit by the tsunami that is Landscapes at the Worlds Ends at the world renown Byron Bay Film Festival on March 4th-13th 2011.

So if you are going to be present in any of these locations then get along and support. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, then check out the FCE teaser that Sich put together with no expedition footage, just his parents oldskool film footage from their trip to Africa in the 70’s, absolute gold.

A great week at work!

17 Feb

Last week would go down as one of my best weeks of work and it wasn’t because it was my last week either. Basically I was choppered out into the middle of nowhere for 5 days fieldwork, but I will let the photos do the explaining.

This beats the hell out of bush bashing for days on end carrying all the gear into the middle of nowhere. Why not take the kitchen sink?


Our sleeping area for the week.


Our cooking shelter for when it inevitably rains –it is the West Coast of Tasmaina- and of course it did for 2 days. We also had a tidy 5 star toilet area.


It wasn’t all fun and games. Up at 6.30am and we spent the days taking soil samples.



Steep terrain makes for long hard days of bush bashing, but when you stumble across a clearing like this for a snack it makes it all worth while. Or at least the cold beer at the end of the day does. It really hammers home how remote we really were, and you wonder if anyone has ever been here. We were a 20 minute chopper ride from civilisation. True wilderness.


It doesn’t really do the steepness of the terrain any justice, but there was lots of sliding on arse with 35kg packs of dirt.


Not a bad spot for lunch and a quick dip in the icy river –and yes I think they are possibly fat rolls on my stomach!


Getting water and another excuse for me to get my clothes off – And yes poor Lee my workmate got the job of photographing me.


Oh yeah, fine weather, dinner and hot chocolate.


After the week out bush I went back to Hobart with Lee and checked out the Tasmanian capital. I absolutely loved this little city, for a city 220,000 it packs a lot of punch, laid back people, surrounded by beautiful mountains, a picturesque harbour, a good little hippy/artist scene, easy access to beaches and the mountains.

I explain Tasmania as New Zealand and Australia’s love child, as if the two countries were going to make love, Tasmania would be the off spring. Two thumbs up from this nomadic hippy, here are some pics. Big cheers to Nic and Lee for having me crash the night and being super tour guides.

Could this be NZ? No, it’s the road to Hobart from Tasmania’s west coast.


The Picturesque Hobart harbour.


Some floating Tassie entertainment. Plenty happening in the weekends, one of the best markets I have been to, every Saturday in Hobart they have the Salamanca markets. GOLD


Work-mates and Hobart crew finishing up ice-creams on the beach, good times.

So it was a great last week at work. And tomorrow I start a new job, and yep I’m super stoked on it as well. I will fill you in on that next week. I also want to have my stand-up comedy routine up-loaded onto the blog in the coming days as well.

OK, hapworkingtheworld is Melbourne based now until Africa. Best get my skates on.


Raw Comedy 2011 semi-finals

14 Feb

Howdy folks,

As you know I’m into the RAW Comedy Melbourne semi-finals, Australia’s largest open mic comedy show. So if you are in or around Melbourne, bring your tomatoes (preferably soft ones) and come along. And yes I couldn’t figure out how to insert the PDF document into my blog so I took a photo of it on my computer screen and have inserted that below.

Apparently I’m one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors!

14 Feb

Yesterday I read in New Zealand’s main Sunday paper magazine that I was listed as one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors in the Valentine Day’s cover story. The article “set about finding the best catches out there, the most highly prized, unmarried, individuals making New Zealand’s heart throb”.

In amongst Liam Finn (Musician and son of Crowded house legend), super models, chefs, Olympians, and other celebrities there was an unemployed glorified hippy by the name of Hap Cameron. The article read this about him:

The funny part about all this is that the first I heard about this was from an email from Kate, a semi-retired Kiwi/Ozzie who I volunteered with at the orphanage in Mexico 4 years ago. She was holidaying in Auckland and had come across the article and emailed me and that was the first I knew about it.

I find it all rather funny that as one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors that I just found out yesterday that it was Valentine’s Day today. In my defence I did spend all last week in the middle of the Tasmanian wilderness cut off from the real world and communication. But I did give Mandy wood for her Valentine’s present. After my week in the wilderness I spent the weekend in Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, and I had bought her a wooden chopping board at the Salamanca Saturday markets. Yes, it could possibly be the world’s most unromantic Valentine’s Day present – Umm, I’m not sure how she’s going to fit the chopping board on her bike for Africa.

So, what do I think about all this? I had a laugh thats for sure. Let’s put this into perspective. I’m nearly 30, as of last Saturday I’m unemployed, I’ve had over 20 jobs in the last 8 years, all my assets fit into a pack and I still gain extreme pleasure in farting under the sheets. Now if they are the credentials of one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors, NZ’s dating future is looking as bright as a heroin addict applying to be a pharmacist’s assistant.

Anyways, here are some photo’s of NZ’s most eligible bachelor from the past year

PS My Victorian semi-final for the Australian RAW comedy festival is tomorrow night, so fingers crossed.

PPS As one of NZ’s most eligible bachelors I’m wondering if I could make any money from selling my used underwear on ebay?

PPPS My final announcement. Ladies, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, transvestites and sheep, I’m going to have to break your hearts; I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my valentine Mandy. Have a great day, ohhhhhh.

End of another chapter.

7 Feb

Howdy folks,

Yep, it’s that time again for me where another chapter comes to an end. I have let work know that this week will be my last, signalling the end of my Tasmanian chapter which has been my third longest chapter at 9 months

For those of you that don’t know, I was working as an Exploration Field Assistant on the West Coast of Tasmania. Some of you that have followed my journey from when my blog first started will remember I did the same job out in the Western Australian outback. But the only similarities between the jobs were the job titles. Everything was different, firstly I was living in a small residential town of 200 people as opposed to living in a mining camp, at this job there was no mine as we were doing the prefeasibility tests for a proposed mine and were doing a different type of drilling (I won’t bore you).

The biggest difference was the climate; in fact you could not get a more varied difference if you tried. In my 2008 job I was working a 2 hour drive inland from Marble Bar, the hottest recorded town in Australia, with the record of having 160 consecutive days over 37.8˚C. This is what the weather website says about Tullah, the town I worked in Tasmania:

“Tullah is one of the rainiest and overcast places in Australia. It experiences exceptionally high rainfall, humidity levels and numbers of cloudy days………..”

Now I could not agree with the above more, in fact it is the rainiest and most overcast place I have ever lived and worked. Literally everyday bar two during the winter whilst I was here it rained, I kid you not. So it made for a pretty tough place to work for a skinny fella who loves the sun. Plus in the winter there is minimal field work due to the rain, so all winter was spent in a shed, measuring, cutting, photographing, weighing rocks – yes it was a long winter. But there was a good bunch of people and it enabled me to save a bit of money for Africa, and in summer the odd sunny blue skied day is pretty dam spectacular as you will see at the end.

But at the end of the day I was in it for the wrong reasons (saving money and writing), and working in a shed has a shelf life. So back to Melbourne it is where I’m hoping to get work in a local bike shop and be surrounded by biking enthusiasts. Failing that, any job the allows me to get enough money to live on and gives me some spare time to organise Africa. As Africa looms closer it will be a great to be on the ground for the organising as our press for sponsorship increases, our fundrasining event in May, getting bikes, organising gear, route planning, filling container – it getters rather taunting at times thinking of what needs to get done before our departure.

Now for my final week of work in Tasmania, and I have to say it, it is probably going to be one of my best weeks of work in my working the world quest. For my final week of work I’m being helicoptered out with 3 others into the middle of nowhere and camping for 5 days whilst taking some soil samples. Hell yeah, this is what being an Exploration Field Assistant is about………..ummm maybe I should stay and see out the summer……………

OK, here are some of my rosier/summery photos from my time in Tullah as I realise I have been focussing all my blog posts on Africa,

Snow on the hill around Tullah

Walk up the hill above Tullah, a beautiful night.

Snow on the ground.

Going for a canoe after work in summer.

A day out of the shed, up the hill soil sampling, and yes I’m posing.

Umm, yup guilty again, posing and trying to look deep and meaningful.

Looks beautiful when you’re not crawling through it with a pack full of dirt, ahhhh looks beautiful anyway!

Tullah at the head of Lake Rosebery.

Sunset over Tullah

Myself and workmate Lee having a romantic sunset at the trig point above Tullah.

$9000 raised!

2 Feb

Crikey Dick!

We have just ticked over the $9000 mark in donations for Bicycles for Humanity. Unbelievable. You’re all awesome.

Thank you to the following people who have donated since the last time I thanked people:

Hamish and Jo, Sis, Si, Lolly and Jan, Q, Tiffany Corbell and everyone at Tom and Loren’s wedding who put money in for me to entertain them.


An expedition is like a penis

1 Feb

All expeditions are different, some are harder than others, especially these days everyone wants theirs to be bigger and better, and everything has to be longer, higher, faster.

Doing a virgin expedition is all the rage these days, we are currently in the era of firsts, everyone is getting themselves into a frenzy to be the “first” to do something before there are no longer any firsts left, the first man to walk around the world backwards wearing woman’s underwear, the first man to marry a chimpanzee (Ok if someone reads that and starts a reality TV show then I want some royalities). For example you can’t climb Everest anymore and expect respect, maybe if you climb Everest blind folded while sucking on laughing gas updating twitter along the way with your you tube channel you might get acknowledged (I just read the other day that there is now a 3G cell phone tower on Everest, so you can update you facebook status from the top of the world – ummmm if there was such a thing I would insert a thumbs down dislike for this, to me it feels like talking on the phone whilst taking a crap – some places just ain’t meant for talking).

But at the end of the day we all have a soft spot for our own………………..expedition, it’s ours, it’s our own and we can do with it what we want.

OK, sorry I was meant to be writing about inspiration, but I have gone on a ridiculous tangent, what is more worrying is that it’s 7am on a Monday morning and I’m in the airport writing this post before flying out to work, it’s going to be weird swing at work. I’m not looking forward to spending 10 hours a day with my thoughts whilst cutting rocks (and yes that is as fun as it looks)! Best I finish it here before I start comparing an expedition to a penis.

PS, I was just about to post this and Mandy has coincidently sent me a link to the successful applicants who won the Hilary Expedition grant that we missed out on, WOW. Reading through the succesful applicants kinda felt like walking into a Nigerian bath house!

WOW, amazing what some people are doing, reading through them it is hard to believe that we even made the short list, EXTREME is one work to sum them up. Good luck to them all!