Back to reality

10 Jan

Like a smack in the face with a used nappy (diaper), and not just any nappy but one that has been festering in the sun for a couple of days as some careless freedom camping hippies were too lazy to dispose of it properly, I’m back to reality, back to work!

I arrived back in Melbourne last night at 10pm, then 8 hours later was back in a taxi heading to the airport to fly out to Tasmania, to fly out to reality, back to the rocks, back to the rain, back to work.

But WOW, what a great 3 weeks off that was, I’m not even going to go into it, catching up with friends and family at the little paradise at the top of NZ’s south island, Nelson. Great weather, an amazing wedding (not mine – Cheers Tom and Loren), good music, rivers, beaches, BBQ’s, cricket, just bloody great times.

The first week back home in NZ I focused on trying to get a bit of media coverage for the Final Continent Expedition, to help in the fundraising and potential sponsorship, but I think now the great folks of Aotearoa have had enough of my droning voice and Tony Blair face, so there will be no more from me until 11/11/11 (In my next post I will put up a radio interview –in which Marcus Lush took the piss out of me and a newspaper article on the FCE).

From Christmas eve on I took 2 weeks off from writing and the Final Continent Expedition and focused more on drowning my liver and relaxing with friends and family, I didn’t even take my camera hence there are no photos with this blog post. Although even I had taken my camera it wouldn’t of matter as JetStar managed to lose my baggage for 11 days, arriving 4 days after Christmas!

So this is it folks, forget about 2010, it’s 2011, the last year of hapworkingtheworld, the countdown has begun. So much to organise and do it makes my mind boggle, but it’s so great to have the support of so many people. From here on in, I’m just holding on for the ride as everything hurtles along at a million miles an hour.

I can’t remember the aim of this post anymore, maybe it was that I think JetStar are probably ranked below Air Bangladesh in customer service (yes I realise you pay for what you get), or maybe it was something along the lines of Happy New Year, maybe I was meant to share my NY’s resolution (which by the way was to eat as much as possible and reach 80kg before Africa) but whatever the point of this post was, GET EXCITED, 2011 is here!

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