Packin’ her up!

16 Dec

A couple weeks ago was our first opportunity that we’ve had to go help out Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) and see firsthand what it takes to pack a container full of bikes! Unfortunately I had a bit of a sore back, so was taking it easy, but it was good to be able to be the official documentarian and take some photos of how everything went down (by the way, this is Mandy here on my first official guest post).

Matt, founder of B4H Melbourne, rocked up with freshly donated gear picked up from Bicycle Superstores around Melbourne.

A few of our friends were able to join us to give a hand, and they did amazing work! They automatically got to work on removing pedals, and turning around the handlebars on all the bikes so they would fit into the container like a puzzle.

Phuong, Chiz and Sam with Matt, working hard in the chilly Melbourne Sunday afternoon.

Bro and sis making an excellent team! Jarnia and Hap were getting down to business, but Hap still managed to strike a pose with his manly mo.

It was really amazing to finally put faces with names of people I’ve heard so much about. Ylva (B4H project manager) and Matt (B4H founder) getting organised.

Andy helping Hap and Paul squeeze the last bike in……..every one counts!!

It was really difficult to actually fit the whole container in the photo….it’s massive! Over 400 bikes are heading to resupply the original project location in Namibia.

Those of you around the world, check out if there’s a Bicycles for Humanity chapter near you if you’d like to volunteer on a more local project.

Alternatively, you can always donate to our fundraiser (Hap also inserted an easier to find DONATE HERE button above for people coming to blog after watching the promo video)! All funds go directly to Bicycles for Humanity, Melbourne, to pay for the cost of shipping containers. We are also interested in collecting building materials to pack in our container, which will cost a pretty penny unless anyone can donate. We will post a specific list of requested material soon. Once the container of bikes arrives at the destination, the container is converted into a bike workshop, so there are significant costs involved in the construction and business side of setting up.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant summer or winter, wherever you may be. Hap and I are psyched about going to NZ for Christmas, not too long now!

p.s. We might find out where our container is headed before the end of the year. We’ll keep you posted

p.p.s Hap is getting worried about losing all his hair from the shoulders up, 2,842 hits so far, so keep on watching the teaser and let’s get the 5000 hits!

3 Responses to “Packin’ her up!”

  1. crystal at 10:32 am #

    Yeah, sista! Glad to see you contributing your writing skills to the project 🙂 I didn’t know about the 5000 hits bet…guess I’m gonna have to push this from my end of the world a little more. That is, as long as you are okay with the consequences,lol!
    Much love from la familia,

    • Hap at 10:36 am #

      Yay familia!!
      Thanks for the love and support. Yes, any excuse for Hap to make a fool of himself, indulge! Haha!

  2. Geoff at 1:36 am #

    Great effort Mandy Sue!
    See you in Nelson, NZ, shortly.
    Weather forecast is for rain!

    Geoff & Syd

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