Cycling video inspiration

12 Oct

Howdy folks,

These days I try to squeeze in as much inspiration for Africa as I possibly can. When I’m eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner I’m on twitter following the cycling community or reading blogs of people cycling Africa or the world (Check out Peters big Africa cycle from London to Cape town, Peter pictured below). I’m also always on watching presentations or watching expedition related videos.

The video below is from Tom Allen, who with his mate Andrew Welch are attempting to circumnavigate the globe by mountain bike (check out Tom’s website) . In my early days of planning my Final Continent Expedition, Tom like Peter above and everybody else in the cycle touring world were super supportive and helpful in answering my questions. The great thing about the cycle touring community is there is no pretentiousness, everybody that started cycle touring were once cycle expedition virgins and they don’t try to hide it. Unlike other sports/recreations they embrace it and offer nothing but encouragement and support for people looking to get into it.

General bike touring info sites that I find great and have offered me support and answered my questions; and

Ok, the reason I did this post, check out Tom and Andy’s 6 minute video of their 1000km mountain bike through remote Mongolia,

Enough from me, I’m back to applying for the Hillary Expedition Grant that is due this Friday. Ciao

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