Some motivating cycling shots

30 Jul

Hey guys,

In my last blog post I mention how I met Swede Carl-David whilst living in Ushuaia, Argentina looking for work in Antarctica. Well for Carl Ushuaia was the starting point of his epic bike ride of the South American continent, in fact I took the photo below as Carl cycled off from our Hostel in the most southern city of the world.

Below is an email from Carl (I inserted the photos), and below are some of my favourite photos of Carls South America bike trip.

Hi Hap!

I DO remember you (and your t-shirt), haha! I’m glad to have inspired
you, cycling is such a nice way of travelling. I love your mission
about working on all continents before 30, that’s so awesome =)

Lots of luck with Africa, please ask about equipment or general tips
whenever you want!

I am now in the lowlands of Bolivia. It rained during the night and
the road turned into a muddy hell. Wasn’t able to cycle (nor walking)
at all! Attached is a photo =) But I really like it here though, much
more animals etc. than on the altiplano, and people like to talk more.



Now for Carl’s photos. I love eating my lunch in my 30 minutes off work and just surfing cycling websites and watching slideshows of peoples cycles trips to far off corners of the world. And Carl has some wicked photos, if you like what you see then go and check out his blog.


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