My first expedition blog post!

21 Jul

I suppose a welcome is in store, WELCOME……and cheers for popping in.

Yep, the boob job and nip and tuck have been completed and this is the new look of hapworkingtheworld. Although I’m not sure about the poo-brown colour theme, but I will get Mandy to put her girly touch to that further down the track – don’t blame me if hapworkingtheworld goes pink!

I hope you all make the new addition of my final continent expedition feel welcome, go and say hello and introduce your fine selves and play nicely. The above introduction post gives you all the links to have your questions answered.

And I should mention that the header photo is not me, I have never ridden a touring bike before. I have taken it from Eric and Amaya of and have not been able to get hold of them through email or twitter as they are probably cycling the world somewhere. I tried to mess around in photo-shop to insert onto the photo but it just ended in a blood stained walled from me hitting my head against it. So I hope they don’t mind me using their awesome photo until I have one of my own to use.

Speaking of photos I will leave you with this cheesy photo (I must admit, I do looking like an idiot pretty darn well) of me setting the new poo-brown coloured loose to the world-wide web with my good friend Africa beside me. Enjoy!

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