A mouldy dreadlock for Paul Henry – Breakfast show interview

7 Apr

First up, if you saw me this morning on the Breakfast show and are interested in having me speak at your event go to my public speaking page above. If you are interested in sponsoring or finding out more about my human powered Africa expedition or may know someone who is willing to help out/be involved please contact me at hapworkingtheworld(at)gmail.com.

OK, that’s all the high profile business stuff out the way, haha. So how did I find the interview? I was pretty stoked on how it went, obviously with only 7 minutes on air it’s pretty hard to portray 7 years of travels, jobs and mishaps.

Everybody had warned me about show host Paul Henry. Yesterday I gave a talk at the Phab centre here in Auckland to disabled kids that are being mentored to help them live their dreams. Afterwards I was talking to a couple of them and I said I was going to be interviewed by Paul Henry on the Breakfast Show and they go “Aren’t you nervous? The whole of NZ is going to be watching and he destroys people on TV, he’s like Simon Cowell of American Idol!”. But I had watched the show that morning and knew he was a guy that could take a joke, so I knew giving him one of my dreadlocks as a gift would be kosher. But all went well and Paul was a great guy, when I walked back stage and they were still on air talking he shot me a welcoming warm smile.

But instead of me talking about the interview, click the link below and watch it (the first 15 seconds is a bank advertisement). It’s funny watching yourself afterwards on TV, I kept saying when watching the interview “dam it Hap, stop moving your hands you look like you’re an American Rapper whose had too much coffee (you know the ones, the rappers on their music videos “yo yo homie, word up etc etc” and flailing their arms around all gangster like).

TVNZ breakfast show interview with Paul Henry – Tales of a Kiwi Adventurer

Here’s some photos from behind the scenes

Good mate Barnz (Known as Paul Matthews of Bullet PR in Auckland) who I travelled with for 2 years back in the day. (I think I’m trying to look tough or something in the photo, obviously failing miserably)


I would love to say that this was the first time I had worn make-up…….but I would be lying if I said that.


Fooling around out back doing press ups so my biceps are bulging for the camera! (once again failing miserably)


Showing my surprise gift for Breakfast Show host Paul Henry. One of my beloved mouldy dreadlocks that got the chop for my Antarctica job!


Waiting out back watching the live show.


Paul’s response with his dreadlock gift




2 Responses to “A mouldy dreadlock for Paul Henry – Breakfast show interview”

  1. Benno at 5:12 am #


    mate, you’ve hit the big time, big time! well done bro. nice touch with the dread. You pulled it all off like an old pro. keep in touch with the Africa plans and if you’re ever planning to make it back to the expensive continent, let us know. would be great to host you in our humble abode.

    nothing but love bro,

    benno and mia

    • Hap at 7:33 am #

      Benno mate!
      How long did that comment take you to type? and hour or so, haha, or did Mia type it while you dictated?

      Was a good experience and Paul Henry was a good man. Will keep in contact for Africa, planning on being there May/June next year, have just arrived in Melbourne. Just starting the set-u[ process of finding a place and job etc, you know the deal.

      OK mate, love to Mia and hope our paths cross

      NBL Happa

      PS I was looking through your wedding photos of Korea the other day, gold

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