6 star living quarters

2 Feb

My ship is not merely a luxury cruise ship but classifies itself as a ultra luxury ship. The video below is a photo tour of my ultra luxury crew cabin.

 From the video you can see that it makes my time working in the mines of Western Australia look like a holiday resort. In the mining camp (and my mining camp was one of the more derelict camps compared to some) I had my own room and ensuite that was cleaned twice weekly, a complete gym, a swimming pool, a bar that was opened every day and a window!

Maybe because I was use to the good life of Oil rig and Mining camps I was a bit of a snob. Don’t get me wrong, the crew quarters were fine for me, I’m more than content as long as I can sleep horizontally (photo below is me writing a blog post in my top bunk). Remember I lived with Barnz for two months in a sedan car eating at soup kitchens and bathing in a river while we were looking for work in Canada.

Living on the cruise ship made me realise how good the living conditions were in the mines and rigs. Obviously there isn’t as much room on a cruise ship as there is in the vast Australian desert. Maybe I’m just a spoiled ex mining brat but It was the little attentions to detail that were missing on the cruise ship. For example not having your cabin cleaned (officers have their cabins cleaned). This sounds a little niggly and picky, but when you don’t have days off and only have limited time to sleep, cleaning your cabin, changing your linen etc becomes very annoying – haha and to think some guys in the mines used to complain about having to place their porn mags in a draw so it didn’t offend the cleaners.

Little things like this just add to the feeling of being unappreciated. On top of this they have cabin inspections to make sure you do it and then post the results of the inspection. The most annoying part was that there is no real system in place to make it easy for you. For example there’s one vacuum cleaner for 60 people and when I asked for a simple thing like toilet paper people could not give me a definite answer of where to get it from, so I had to revert to steeling it from the guest toilets late at night.

OK, once again my post is coming across as rather negative. I appreciated my little bunk, it was more than sufficient, it was my little haven; at times it felt like heaven. What it comes down to is that I was only in my cabin to sleep, and if I wanted to chill out I would go to the crew mess or join the other crew members in the corridor for a beer. I just wanted to show the contrast between the mining camps and the cruise ship lifestyle. And you can imagine the contrast between my crew cabin and the $20,000+ suites 5 floors above me!

2 Responses to “6 star living quarters”

  1. Ling at 11:57 pm #

    I guess what looks like an awesome job from the outside is not always as glamorous as it looks. Still, even thou the cruise job might be the worst job you ever had, it seemed like you enjoyed what you got out it. I remembered at first I was thinking it is super awesome that you get to go to Antarctica for free, but now I can see how you are paying for it in other ways. Your blog/experience rocks

    • Hap at 12:43 am #

      Thanks Ling,
      You summed it up nicely, I definitely enjoyed what I got out of it.
      Glad you’re enjoying it.
      I have just arrived in Chile after an ineresting exit, I will write a blog on my yesterdays experience.
      I hope all is well for you.

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