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Sunday Star Times article

20 Dec

Hey folks,

If you’re interested to read the article the Sunday Star Times published about my goal, click here.

I’m currently just heading over the Drake Passage, the notorious body of water between Antarctica and Argentina. I should be back in Ushuaia tomorrow evening. Although that means nothing, I’m still working on the boat the whole time, basically we drop one load of passengers off and pick up a new bunch and head off again. Next trip we are going on an 18 day cruise and incorporating the South Georgia islands as well, Sich says there is great wildlife there, in the form of penguins etc, so that should be cool

OK, will post a little video of my first outing on Antarctica in the next day or two.


A big thank you and Merry Christmas!

17 Dec

Wow, that’s all I can say, it’s been amazing all the comments and emails I have received from everybody, from so many different people, old neighbourhood friends, strangers, uni mates, fellow travellers and you my blog readers.

It really sunk in the other night that I had achieved Antarctica when I finally got some US$ to purchase an internet card and checked my blog. All the comments and messages, it was a really warm fuzzy feeling, THANK YOU all so much for being on my little journey and helping me along the way. There were times when your comments and messages gave me that little bit of motivation, kept me going when I just wanted to say “stuff you Antarctica, just bloody melt”, you all don’t know how much all your supportive comments made, THANK YOU.

I always pride myself on replying to emails and comments, but I have had to draw the line, as I get off work at midnight, come back to my coffin sized top bunk bed and think I will quickly check my email and blog. Well 2 hours later I’m still tapping away, with the dreaded beep beep of my alarm clock drawing closer –speaking of which it’s 1.30am. And as I have been doing the landings (going by zodiac boat to land) during the day I have not been sleeping on my work breaks. This is not good for my Panda eyes I’m developing or my pocket as I have to buy $20 internet cards. So please except my apology if I have not replied to your message, I still love you! And if I spend all my time replying, I can’t spend that valuable hour a day writing a blog.

So once again, a big thank you to my family who give me nothing but support for my nomadic ways. Mandy my girlfriend who is soooo understanding, for example what girlfriend would support her boyfriend to randomly take off 2 weeks before her 30th birthday probably for 4 months just because he says “I just have to go to Ushuaia and try for Antarctica, it’s now of never”.

There are so many more thank you’s I have to do, but it’s bed time. But one last thank you, THANK YOU to you guys, my blog readers, it’s been great sharing this all with you and having you along and riding the ups and downs with you all, WE DID IT!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, Merry Christmas…………………….from Antarctica!

I made it!

15 Dec

Hey folks,

No, I’m not dead; no I haven’t been arrested staying away on an Antarctic bound ship. But I have officially set foot on Antarctica, twice infact!

The past four days have been full on, they have the saying, “sink or swim”, well the past four days I have felt as though I have had two 10 kg weights tied to each of my ankles, and I’m flailing my skinny little arms around just barely gasping for air as a I get use to this 6 star service. But more on that in coming posts.

So Yep, here’s a couple of photos (and yes I am wearing ladies glasses) from the first landing on Antarctica, was amazing, a desert of whiteness, firstly the beauty hits you, and then just the serenity, the tranquillity, the peacefulness, the silence hits you, I just lay in the snow, reflexed and got consumed by the continent!

Anyway folks, I’m off to bed, it’s been full on, up at 5.15am, in bed just after midnight, breaks during the day, but basically life on the ship consists of work and sleep when you can. I apologise in advance for not replying to emails or comments, I have to pay for internet, and even if I didn’t I just don’t have the time at the moment, but big love to you all. Photo below is of Sich that played the vital part in getting me here.

Nuthin but love Hap

Here goes!

10 Dec

Hey folks,

This is going to be real quick post, I have been running around like a headless chicken all day, buying new shoes, new clothing, and other supplies, like shampoo and shaving cream (Its been a long time since buying that).

I have also been trying to get my medical completed. This involved going to one place to get my x-ray done, another place for my blood, faecal matter and urine sample, another place for my cardio gram, then collecting all the results and taking them to a doctor to do the medical. So I got the stamp of approval on my medical exam. But there were still a few tests I couldn’t complete due the results not being ready (it takes a week for the results to come back from Buenas Aires), so it still comes down to the doctor onboard giving me the go ahead to be able to embark the boat. Here is the email I received:

I advised the ship (Hotel Director and the Doctor) that you will show up tomorrow morning at the pier with all the paperwork. The Doctor will check your medical exams and based on his judgment you will be allowed to board…or not.

Good luck to you and all the best

So yep that’s it folk, tomorrow at 9am (in 10hours) I will be arriving at the pier where the cruise ship is. All going well I will spend the day getting my induction and then the boat leaves in the evening. If you haven’t heard from me in the next couple of days, it means I’m on my way to Antarctica! It hasn’t really sunk in yet, I haven’t had time to sit down and take it in, but it is very close, very close indeed, infact I just saw the boat pull up to the pier.

Oh yeah, another thing, those of you in New Zealand should check out this coming Sunday Star Times, my PR manager Barney (I pay him in smiles) got me an article with the lovely Emma. Those of you not in NZ will be able to view the article on line, just google Sunday Star Times.

OK folks, cheers for all the support, fingers crossed. Butterflies.