The melted continent

27 Aug

A short update on the post below and my Antarctic endeavour. I have just applied for one of two volunteer positions to help paint the exterior (mostly window sills) of New Zealand’s Scott Base. Thanks to the people that alerted me to this opportunity, keep the fingers crossed, it still could be an Antarctic Christmas (what a present that would be!).

There have been times in the past month that I wished that big hunk of frozen ice called Antarctica would just melt. I have become a slave to the frozen continent, it has totally taken over my life, all my decisions are made by Antarctica.

From the above you can probably see that my job search was unsuccessful. Well, unsuccessful is the wrong word, it’s too negative, unsuccessful in the sense that I don’t have a secured job for the upcoming season. But I have talked to many people, got my name and goal out there and have had supportive feedback.

The past month I have sent over 100 emails, I have contacted all 52 companies that are registered to work in Antarctica. I received many supportive and encouraging emails, but majority said “no” in some sought of way eg “sorry we already have our crew”, “we have a Russian crew” , “our crews been together for 20 years” etc etc. But none the less it has been great to hear back from people wishing me luck, especially when they could just as easily delete the email, but instead they decide to write me back, and it’s those little bits of encouragement that really keep you going.

What’s the plan now you’re asking? Well, I came all this way to South America with the plan of going to Ushuaia, Argentina (the port that the boats use to depart for Antarctica), so Ushuaia I will go, I just have to do it.

For two reasons I will go, firstly I will try and get onboard a boat this season, whether it’s a private vessel needing an extra hand or a cruise ship that is short of crew, I would do anything. Secondly, a couple of companies are based in Ushuaia, so I want to meet with them, and try and secure work for the following season, put faces to names, I want to show them that I’m serious. But, realistically, as far as getting work by going down there, the chances are minimal as most of the companies have recruitment offices in other countries not in Ushuaia. But hey, there’s still a chance, and that’s all I have, who knows who I could meet.

So, my master Antarctica has spoken, I will be in South America next year as I wait for the following 2010/11 Antarctic season to roll around. Or maybe it is my year next year to gain employment at New Zealand’s Scott Base. Whatever happens, next year is business time, my final shot, as 2011 I will be celebrating my 30th birthday in some mud hut in Africa.

PS A big thank you to all the people that have emailed me and to friends that have given me contacts and ideas, a big sincere Hap hug to you all.

PPS To my master and dear friend Antarctica, see you soon mate.



2 Responses to “The melted continent”

  1. crystal September 3, 2009 at 12:29 am #

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you Hap! XOXOXOXOXOXO


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