Now that’s a lot of water!

12 Aug

Igauzu falls lies on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay (la triple frontera). Unfortunately poor old Paraguay must have got the short end of the stick and received nothing, as you can only view the falls from the Argentinean or Brazilian sides.

Mandy had already seen the Brazilian side so we decided (Well Mandy decides, I’ve never been good at planning ahead with travel, I just follow like a good little pack horse) to stay at Puerto Iguazu on the Argentinean side.

Here is where I wanted to bamboozle you with statistics about the waterfalls but unfortunately I can’t remember and I’m not connected to the internet. But you can ask Mandy, due to popular belief Iguazu is not one of the 7 wonders of the world, she knows this because she lost the bet today and this is why she’s cooking dinner tonight! Although I think it should be as the falls are spectacular.

This morning going against backpacker norm, we were out of bed before 7am, and on a public bus headed for the world famous Cascadas de Igauzu. Being nerdy tourists we were first to enter the park, and we even had cut lunches, the only thing we were missing were the oversized cameras hanging from our necks and the lonely planet guide to Iguazu falls in our hands-that’s not a dig at Lonely Planet, nothing but love for them.

Watching the falls has the same mesmerising effect as sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in; it’s something you could do all day. And that is what Mandy and I did, we were first into the park and got the last train out.

From the photos you can see that the water is quite muddy, this was due to an abundance of recent rain.

OK, I having more to say, feeling a bit tired, so to conclude this post; as far as water goes, Igauzu is pretty dam cool!

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