How many times was I dropped on my head as a baby?

17 Jul

It´s not a matter of if I was dropped on my head as a baby, it´s a matter of how many times I was dropped on my head! (Social services don´t worry, I´m only kidding).

Today is my last day of Spanish classes. During my 3 weeks of Spanish classes I have asked myself the above question. Sometimes it seems that I have to hear a word 50 times before it actually sinks in. Oooohhhh to be a kid again where you are surrounded by a language and naturally learn it.

It´s not as bad as I´m making out, I´ve actually really enjoyed it and can now hold a conversation. Although sometimes I may mix my words up like when I was in Colombia a couple of years ago and went up to a bunch of girls taking a photo on the beach and instead of saying ¨do you want me to take a photo for you¨ I said ¨Do you want me to touch myself?¨ haha

All in all it´s been really rewarding and I have improved heaps. Even Agustina the little 6 year of the family I live with has noticed my improvement. She walked into the kitchen where I was talking with Carolina (my Argentinian mum) and Mandy and with all the innocence of a 6 year old, looks at me talking and then turns her mum and says ¨He´s finally learnt to speak¨. It was classic, we all just lost it laughing.


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