Goodbye Argentina, hello……..

15 Jul

If you read my last post you will know that I have only 2 weeks left in beautiful Bariloche, Argentina’s ski resort town. The setting for the next chapter will be Paraguay.

Most people, South Americans and backpackers, ask “why Paraguay?” They ask this question because Paraguay is not a big tourist destination, compared to it´s neighbouring countries, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina. It does not have the ski resorts of Argentina, the beaches and jungles of Brazil, the mountians and backpacker attractions of Bolivia.

It wasn´t that I chose Paraguay, Paraguay chose me. Mandy lived and worked in Paraguay teaching english in 2003. She will be able to work back at her old english institute. She also has many good friends in Asuncion (the capital city of Paraguay), that have offered for us to stay.

I´m quite excited about the coming chapter, it may not have the physical beuaty of Bariloche, but this chapter will be all about the people. I´m excited to meet the people the Mandy has talked so fondly about.

So Hap will be working the world in Paraguay, but not just yet. I have 1 week left of Spanish school, then the last week here in Bariloche is going to be dedicated to snowboarding and exploring the sights.


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