I ate a small child

7 Jul

When it comes to the countries that I have been to, and the typical food of the country, Argentina is up there. I’m a very simple person in many ways, and food is definitely one of them, give me red meat and I’m happy, chuck in red wine and I’m even happier, hey just call me Hap.

ummm, dead animals

On Friday I went to an Asado, which is basically a sit down meal where 7 or so different cuts of meat are cooked on an open fire. During the night you are brought the different cuts of freshly cooked meat, and in some cases the meat looks like it has been cut straight off the cow and jumped on the plate missing the grill all together. By the time it comes to the last cut of meat, which unfortunately is the best, you have eaten the equivalent weight of a small child in meat and have to dig up all your will power to eat it, or all your stingy, thrifty, backpacker, “I paid for this so I’m going to dam well eat it” power.

The best part of the Asado was that you got all the red wine you could drink; I thought I was in heaven! Until I woke in the morning with a headache from hell, in a food coma as my stomach worked around the clock to digest the small family of dead animals I had consumed the previous night.

Nuthin but love Hap

2 Responses to “I ate a small child”

  1. Paul Matthews at 3:38 am #

    Did they have a red light green light sign? Might have made things a bit easier. Lovin the updates bro. Love to Mandy.


    • Hap at 3:11 am #

      Nah wasn’t like the Brazil ones, although same concept, a shit load of meat!

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