The familiar situation

29 Jun

Ahhhh, the familiar feeling of arriving in a foreign town and trying to set-up up roots for a new chapter. The past five days have been spent negotiating the bus systems, beating the foot path in search of a place to call home. As with all ski resort towns at the start of the ski season, competition is fierce for housing, with the demand well outweighing the supply. Lucky for me I have Mandy on my side with her fluent Spanish and her responsible appearance, two areas that I’m not that strong in………to put nicely.

I have also been looking at Spanish schools, as I plan to do a 1 month language course, and Mandy has been trying to find English teaching work.

While doing all this we have been lucky enough to be staying with Alisa and Nate, a friendly couple that we met through is a great website that acts as a meeting point for travellers and hosts. Basically a host will give you somewhere to stay, maybe a mattress on the floor, a couch, a room, and in return you will give a gift, or just help out around the house, cooking meals etc. And then when the host goes travelling they then are able to go and couch surf with other people in the couch surfing community. This is our first time doing this and it’s been a great experience.

Hopefully next time I write a post we will have a house, myself a Spanish school and Mandy a job.


One Response to “The familiar situation”

  1. crystal June 30, 2009 at 1:36 am #

    Looks like you couldn’t have found nicer people if you tried.….what a brilliant idea:)

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