So why Argentina?

6 May

I should explain how Mandy and I came to the decision of Argentina.

The Argentinian seed was first sown while having dinner in Georgetown, Malaysia. The restaurant had a very un-Asia feel about it, it felt like we could of been nestled away in a ski resort town somewhere in the world, apart from the Malaysian ladies walking by outside done up to the nines for their Saturday night out.

While drinking the cheapest red wine on the menu, we both commented on how cool it would be to do a snowboard season in Argentina and drink red wine, eat steak and go snowboarding.  Then we talked about it more and it all seemed so right.  Why not? We were at a loose end as what to do after Thailand. Mandy’s money would of run out, I was really wanting to get to Antarctica and not really wanting to stay long-term in Asia as it was a continent I had already conquered – wow, you sound so heroic Hap! 

Plus I was always feeling that I was cheating on Mandy with my goal. In a way I am a slave to my goal, I sometimes felt it was all about what I was wanting, even though Mandy fully supports me and doesn’t see it that way, which I’m so lucky for.

So yeah, Argentina it was, or it is, the sense of “duh, it was so obvious, why hadn’t we thought of going to Argentina before”, it was like a relationalship weight had been lifted off our shoulders. It was perfect for both of us.

Mandy gets to do something that she has always wanted to do, ever since she visited Bariloche (the place in Argentina we will go to) 5 years ago whilst backpacking through with her friend Ingrid. She will be able to earn good money (for Argentina), as she can work, not just work but be in demand, as she is fluent in Spanish, well the fact that she is a Spanish teacher kind of gives that away, but she will easily find English teaching work there. And after the snowboard season we will be able to go to Paraguay, where Mandy lived for a year, to visit all her friends, may even spend her big 30 there.

As for me, Argentina is perfect, firstly it is a continent I have not lived and worked in. I have spent 3 months in South America backpacking through Brazil and Colombia, but have not lived and worked there. Secondly, I will be able to learn Spanish, not just learn, but master Spanish as I already have a good base, that will be my main goal of this chapter. Thirdly, I will get to go snowboarding, something that I thought I wouldn’t be doing when I fell off that swing and buggered my back up. And fourthly, Argentina is the take off point for the majority of the boats that go to Antarctica, perfect!

Yeah, so I’m soo excited. I never would of thought I would be doing a snowboard season in Argentina when I left New Zealand over 6 years ago on the mission to live and work in every continent of the world. But I’m not gettng ahead of myself, I

Nuthin but love Hap

4 Responses to “So why Argentina?”

  1. crystal edge at 6:51 am #

    My sister is blessed to have you in her life. You two take such good care of each other:)

    • Hap at 8:27 pm #

      Or maybe I am blessed! Yeah good times, just now we have been on an all day bus mission, just sat down and played cards and had beers and will go to a night market for dinner before hopping on a 30 train trip. Great to share these moments with someone specail.
      I hope you are well.

  2. Teddy Rabbitt at 6:22 am #


    cool as ever to read all about you and your travels, good luck on mastering the spanish, i was with you for the early days of that conquest and you had a fair way to go, as far as i remember your accent was getting in the way of a few key verbs..funny stuff. Anyhow i am sure your partner will be a massive help to you there. A year after you left my flat there were little stickers still on everything that was helping you with your spanish.

    One story is in my mind at the moment, i hope you won’t mind this one Mandy and it was all my idea… it really was. I was trying to coerse hap into a date with some spanish girl at our school, she had sent a text, to arrange an intercambio to help with learning english/spanish, on replying to the text we were trying to initiate a date angle. Anyhow it was hard enough getting hap to sign off with …un beso, then i had this silly idea to sign off… un beso negro. Something that i still find hilarious now as i am writing this. That was the end of that intercambio. (un beso negro is a kiss where the sun don’t shine..)

    Hap, give me a buzz when you are here

    Damo 02102267863 as i am still in auckland, not having a fraction of the fun that you are!

    • Hap at 12:52 pm #

      You’re a bloody classic Mr Rabbit! funny times indeed.

      I can’t believe they let your type into our beautiful country, its amazing what a wife and kid will do for you, I might have to get some of those as well to help with my immigration problems, haha.

      Anyway mate currently in Melbourne, plane been delayed, atleast get a free feed. Keen as to catch up, will give you a call.

      Un Beso Negro y blanco con amor

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