The day in the life of a DMT.

30 Apr

The day is always different; obviously we have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. But also, as a DMT (Dive Master Trainee) your day is never the same, you may be assisting on courses, attending lectures, studying, writing exams or just going diving for the fun of it. In this post I want to try and portray what my day has consisted of the past month here in Thailand.

My day starts with the rising of the cock, yep you guessed it, cock a doodle do, natures alarm clock our good friend the rooster. Or if the cock sleeps in then I can rely on my AA battery powered beep beep to bring me back to reality, and a hard reality it is, haha. I get dressed which involves putting on my boardies (swimming wear). I have my cornflakes on the porch and watch the gerbil creatures jumping between the branches and low hanging power lines surrounding our bungalow. Then it’s on my island Harley and off to the sunshine, Sunshine Divers that is, the name of my dive school.

I get ready for the day ahead, either going fun diving or assisting on courses. After packing the dive equipment we hop into the long tail boat at 7.15am that takes us through the shallow water out to the big Sunshine boat.

Then morning consists of going for a 40 – 50 min dive then coming up for an hour break –surface interval if you want to use diving terms. During the surface interval you have a debrief with the students about the dive, and enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh pineapple while on the top deck in the sun.

After the hour surface interval has elapsed, its back down into the underwater world for another dive. Diving really is a fat man’s sport, I love it. It’s so relaxing, it’s not physical, but you are out and about, exploring, being one with nature, you have a feeling of getting out and achieving something, really is a great way to spend a morning or a day.

After the second dive it’s back to shore and wash the gear. If I’m feeling like it I can go out diving in the afternoon for another 2 dives. But since I’m such a good student, I usually dedicate my afternoons to study, attending lectures or completing skills circuits.

After an academic afternoon, its sunset time. This involves settling down and quenching your thirst with a cold beverage while catching up on everyone’s day. Then it’s dinner time, either we cook at home or eat out.

Then it’s bed time, which these days it usually early. I have to admit that I’ve been lying in bed totally exhausted and look at the clock and it’s been before 9pm! Phew, life’s hard! Then it’s up in the morning and repeat the cycle.

2 Responses to “The day in the life of a DMT.”

  1. Si at 5:59 am #

    it’s a hard knock life eh bro?

    have you seen any tiger sharks?

    peace. rasta

    • Hap at 11:04 am #

      Yeah bro,
      no tiget sharks, but had 2 dives yesterday with whale shark, awesome! I led some divers out at Sail Rock a couple of days ago, thats the dive site you were telling me about with the swim through that you and brown town did, good times.
      Sweet, will be briefly popping through aucks on way back to Nelly, so will try and catch up for a beer, or maybe take your money off you.
      Sweet, catch you soon.
      NBL Hap

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