Riots and blowing things up!

20 Apr

I only have an hour on the internet, so I apologise for my grammar and verbal Diarrhoea.

Apparently there’s some riots going on in Bangkok. I’m Ok, in fact I’m bloody great, I’m on an island, Bangkok is a world away and no doubt the media portrays it as being worse than it is.

I love being removed from the media, I find there to be nothing more depressing than sitting down and watching the 6pm news. Riots, war, murders, economic crisis! Ok, so that’s whats happening, but I’m sure there’s also something good happening as well, but I suppose that doesn’t sell. Have you ever watched the news and be filled with a warm fuzzy feeling, “this is a great world we live in”. The way I look at it, if you d0n’t watch the news it’s not happening, there’s no economic crisis on Ko Tao.

The only thing that’s been blowing up is my lap top charger! Urrgghhh talk about frustrating, that’s two laptop chargers in two weeks. So that means I have to order a new one and be told everyday for a week that it’s arriving tomorrow, haha.

I have to keep this short as I’m currently about to explore the world of being an electrician. I’m off to the hardware store to buy some materials to ground our bungalows electricity, and thus will hopefully prevent my future lap top chargers from burning up. So if you don’t hear from me in the next couple of weeks I have either electrocuted myself, or more probably I’m still waiting on my charger to arrive.

Don’t worry mum, the long haired guy at the island computer store gave me real good instructions on how to ground the electricity, “just chuck a wire out the window, join it to a metal stake, bang it into the ground, then buy a orange adaptor, join the wire to a little metal loop at the bottom of that, and that should work”.

Also, thank you to those people who have emailed me and informed me of the New Zealand Antarctica recruitment. I’m already onto it, I’ve been waiting for this time to roll around since last year when I applied. So fingers crossed, hopefully my lap tops back in action so I can apply, or more importantly the island has internet.

It’s great to know people are looking out for me, and conspiring to help me achieve my goal. Thank you. It is those little emails and replys that I get that keep giving me hope that I will get to Antarctica, as that will be the toughest continent to get to. Thank you.


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