I’ve been doing some decorating.

14 Apr

I’m back in action, I have my laptop back, yay!

As you can see I have been doing some interior decorating of my blog. Instead of seeing me dancing with Mexican orphans at sunset, you now see the Thailand flag. It was meant to have the island of Koh Tao in the background but I couldn’t fit it in, Koh Tao is where I’m currently living. The idea behind the title photo from now on is to represent the current chapter.

For those of you unfamiliar with my blog, the chapters to the right are summaries of the specific periods of my journeys in which I have lived and worked in certain countries, I call these the chapters of my journey. The current chapter is where I am currently living and working in which you can follow on this home page with these regular posts. When I leave a country, is when that chapter will be written, so when I leave Thailand I will write the Thailand chapter. I don’t bother writing chapters on holidays taken, for example the 2 weeks spent in Korea, or the days in Malaysia, etc.

I’m out of here, it’s Songkran today which is the Thai new year. From what I hear it’s one big water fight, everyone walking around with water guns and buckets of ice cold water soaking each other etc whilst enjoying a few brews.

I have posted about 5 posts that I will drip feed to the blog. What I do these days is write all my posts offline at the Bungalow and then make my weekly pilgrimage over to the pier where I get on the internet and upload them all. So keep checking for post updates over the next week. I’m trying to get some photos up, but the internet is quite slow.



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