Tomorrow OK!

8 Apr

Ahh my good friends of the blog world, how do you all do?

Well, long time no hear from your amigo Hap. Two words can explain the long lapse in communication, “island living”. From my last brief post you saw that my laptop charger blew out due to an electricity surge, so I have been without a laptop. I have been waiting for a new charger, which has been ordered, and has been arriving tomorrow for the last week! I’m just happy that I can get one.

But this is only one reason I have been out of contact. Internet is expensive here (for Thai standards), but since I am dedicated to my blog readers, I have tried to get on the internet 3 times this week all to no avail. Firstly the whole island was without electricity (pretty common, seems to be a daily occurrence), and the two other times was without internet. Its funny when you turn up to an internet cafe only to be told there’s no internet. Island living!

Life has quickly fallen into place, feels like we have been here for agers. Loving island life, getting dressed in the morning involves putting on boardies (bathers) and thats it! No shirt required, and someone stole my jandals (flip flops), so its barefeet. Although at the moment I’m borrowing Mandy’s size 8 flip flops as I cut my foot playing beach soccer and foot wounds, barefeet and healing seem to be mutually exclusive.

I’m even use to the bugs. Our bungalow seems to attract all sorts of critters, from goats to geckos. Last week I was reading my book (Veronica decides to die by Paulo Cohelo) and was playing with my dreadlocks as I do. Then I squeal as my fingers massage a hard shelled crawling object instead of a soft smelly hairy dread. I flick the object onto the floor with the flick of the wrist that wouldn’t of been out of place in bar with a rainbow decor. Only to see the guilty cockroach scuttling off under the desk! And yes, my nights dreams were filled with visions of cockroaches crawling into my ears and laying eggs in my brain. If you haven’t already you should read a book titled Damage done, about a guy that spent 12 years in Thai prison, then you will understand my fear.

Despite the cockroaches, loving it here. It’s better than I expected. Enjoying my divemasters, loving our little bungalow and met some cool people. The idea of the post was to let you all know that I’m still alive and working the world. Infact it was 6 years yesterday that I arrived in Seoul, Korea on the start of my journey!

I plan to get some posts done in the near future, will do a video of the bungalow, do a post on the day in the life of a Training Dive master, post some photos etc, and hopefully do my ladyboy post. Will get them done when I my laptop charger arrives. Tomorrow OK!


2 Responses to “Tomorrow OK!”

  1. beyondbagot April 11, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    dig the blog I just stumbled across it – I think you are about a month ahead of us, so I’ll scour your posts for some hot tips!


    • Hap April 14, 2009 at 9:24 am #

      Hey Linds,
      cheers. My girlfriend and I are living in Koh Tao while I do my dive masters. If you got any questions send me an email, or if you passing through Ko Tao call in. My email is, if I don’t get back to you its because currently i’m just checking emails weekly.
      Hope your enjoying your travels.

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