That guy just abducted my girlfriend!

1 Apr

I’m standing in the middle of Georgetown, Penang with a toothless Chinaman, he’s laughing and saying OK, Ok, Ok. But I don’t think it is OK. Why? Because a long haired Malaysian guy has just stolen my girlfriend!

It happened in a blurry split second. Long haired Malaysian man appeared out of nowhere, just like the first time we met him when he appeared out of the shadows of a back street to help us find a guest house. He offered to take a photo of Mandy and I in the Trishaw. Then he starts trying to take the trishaw, I felt he was bullying OK man who was reluctant to give it to him, and rightly so as that trishaw was his livelihood. He had probably been pedalling the streets of Penang in that trishaw since he could walk.

Next thing I know, long haired Malaysian guy is pedalling the trishaw into the distant street lights………………………….with Mandy still in there. There’s laughing behind me, I turn and there’s a table full of English fellas, they’re laughing and saying “fuck that was random”, I’m like “what just happen? dude just stole my girlfriend”. I look to OK man for reassurance, he says “ha ha ha, ok ok ok, ha ha ha”, but this is all he had said the whole night. But I suppose if he’s this happy that he’s lost his livelihood with the prospect of living on the street eating scraps, I should be right.

What seemed a lifetime later, long haired Malaysian guy comes pedalling back. All is OK, Mandy’s still smiling and she’s taking a photo of me and OK man (photo below). Pheew, I don’t have to explain to Mandy’s family that she was abducted by a long haired Malaysian guy in a stolen trishaw.

To Mandy’s family, don’t worry I’m taking good care of your Daughter/Sister/Aunty J


One Response to “That guy just abducted my girlfriend!”

  1. Paul Matthews April 3, 2009 at 2:22 am #

    If I were Mandy’s family I would take great comfort in the fact that Hap says he’s looking after said daughter/sister/Aunty J…NOT.

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