Home sweet home

24 Mar

Yesterday morning at 6.30 am the overnight ferry pulled up to the pier at Koh Tao, my home for this chapter. It’s always nice when you return to a place and you are pleased to be back.

Mandy and I had a well deserved 3 hour nap when we arrived, as we had been in transit the last 24 hours from Malaysia. Actually it was a trip that did not start well. The bus arrived at 8.30am, so I had set 2 alarms for 7.30am. Just as we were rising from the beep, beep, beep, there was a knock at the door, “BUS”. Shit, then we remembered, our clocks were on Thailand time, 1 hour difference. The whole time we had been in Malaysia we had been on Thailand time, haha. So we just scraped everything into miscellaneous plastic bags, pulled on clothes from the pile on the floor, and managed to get the bus that we were sure we were going to miss.

So anyway, enough of Malaysia, there will be some Malaysia posts following this. Our plan for our first day in Koh Tao was to get set-up, waste no time. And waste no time we did. By that night we had moved into our pimping concrete bungalow with its wrap-around veranda with kitchen. We had our not so pimping orange scooter with masculine basket. Mandy had work at the local beachside coffee shop starting the following day (today) and had a trial at one of the beach bars as well. I start my 3 day rescue diver course tomorrow and then once completed will start my dive masters. So a good start to the Thailand, Koh Tao chapter. For those of you that are wondering, I write the chapters located in the right-hand margin when I leave the place.

Here are some photos of when we were in Koh Tao a couple of weeks ago doing our Advanced open water dive course. In the next couple of weeks I will get some more photos up of where we are staying now, as we have set-up shop on the quieter southern part of the island.

Gotta go and study, will try and get a couple of my Malaysia posts up in the coming days.

Here’s a photo I just took sitting on the deck of my dive school where I’m typing this post on my laptop. Note a bad office setting.

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