Arrived in Malaysia

19 Mar

Howdy blog readers,

Don’t worry I’m not dead. Just a quick update as have been away from the internet all week.

Arrived in Penang, Malaysia about 3 hours ago.  The sole purpose of coming here is to apply for a 60 day Thailand visa at the consulate. As the Thai government in there infinite wisdom only give tourists 30 day visas if the arrive by air, or 15 if they arrive by land! Yeah weird, you’d think they would be trying to tempt tourists here after the airport closures a couple of months ago.

But as it always does, this path to gain a 60 day Thailand visa (I need this long to complete my dive masters) has led me to the wonderful country of Malaysia.

My first 3 hours in Malaysia have been awesome. Thailand is known as the land of smiles, god knows what they call Malaysia, it’s like everybody is on crack cocaine, they all so dam happy, it’s infectious, its great.

The first Malaysian person I met was the immigration guy on the Thai Malay border, the first thing he said to me was “I like your hair”. I’m thinking, shit usually I get taken out back an anal probe for having hair like this. And then he asked for my passport.

The second Malay person I met was a 10 year old kid on the ferry, off for his evening pray, the first thing he said to me was “your hair is beautiful”. OK, so he could of used a better adjective, but when you have English teachers like myself teaching in Asia, there really isn’t too much hope for the students.

Mandy and I will be in Penang,which is an Island (basically joint to the mainland) off the north western coast of Malaysia for the next 5 days. Should hopefully get the visa sorted out tomorrow. Then will rent a scooter and have a hoon around the island and see what it has to offer.

Will get some posts and photos up of the last 4 days that we spent on Koh Jum. A small tranquil island, close to the famous Phi Phi islands. Surprise surprise, had an awesome time

Nuthin But Love Hap


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