A holiday from a holiday – Similan Islands dive trip

14 Mar

WOW! This word sums it up for me. 4 days, 4 nights, 14 dives. This all took place in the beautiful Similan Islands located in the Andaman sea off the south western coast of Thailand where it boarders with Burma.


Our life for the past 4 days has been, get up, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, drink beer, sleep. Sometimes we broke this mundane cycle with a swim to a golden sand beach or a walk on one of the islands.


A holiday from a holiday is exactly what it has been.  I have felt like a king, although this takes a bit of getting use to. The dancing, friendly, smiling staff were there when you got out of the water to help you out of your gear. Then you go upstairs and a Thai feast has magically appeared on the table. The only thing I had to do is wipe my bum, and even that is easy. There’s no toilet paper in Thailand, just a little hose with a trigger activated shower head. You give yourself a little arousing bum shower, drip dry and your good to go, I love that about Thailand – I love other things as well, not just the bum showers.


The diving, basically it’s like diving in an aquarium, home to an array of tropical fish. To the point you become desensitised, “urrgghhh it’s just another moray eel, maybe if it pops its eyes out and starts juggling them I will bother to stop and look”.


I was going to upload a photo album and videos of the trip, but I have had nothing but trouble, so you will have to make the most of the photos I have posted.


Currently we staying in Krabi, off tomorrow to Railey beach for 3 days before heading down into Malaysia for a visa run, gotta fly,

Nuthin but love Hap


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