Koh Tao wrap up and video.

6 Mar


We have spent the last 5 days in Koh Tao. 2 of the days were spent completing our advanced open water course. Other days were spent exploring the island on motorbike and hiring a long boat with a few of the people from here and exploring the rest of the island (photos below). We also attended a lady boy cabaret, that post will follow when I get some time.

We leave Koh Tao tonight. I was originally all booked in to do my rescue diver course, but found out last night that our accommodation had run out. So now Mandy I will head back to the mainland, to the Koh Sok national park where we will do dome trekking.

After that will head south, do some more diving and check out a few places. Then will head into Malaysia to get a 60 day Thailand visa. After obtaining this, will head back to Thailand, set up shop for a couple of months where I will do my rescue diver and dive master course. It looks like we will come back to Koh Tao for that.

Here’s some photos of the long boat we rented and a video of our beach bungalow we stayed at.



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