Thailand plans

28 Feb

Real quick, about to catch a 9 hour bus to Kao Tal in 40 mins, and I am in dire need of shower and food.

We have been in Bangkok the past 3 nights and just yesterday decided on what our plan for the remainder of our trip will be. After tossing up whether to head up north to go trekking in the jungle or head south for island living, we have chosen to head south.

The reason for our decision is because we came here to get set-up, to plant some roots for a couple of months. With the restrictions of only having 15-30 day tourist visas we felt we wouldn’t be able to relax up north as we would have time and money restarints constantly pulling us south.

So now we head to Kao Tal, an island that is a diving mecca – a diving factory, but has some amazing diving. It is only second to Cairns for the number of diving certifications that are completed each year. With a cool chilled out backpacker scene Mandy and I will hang out there for a week while we complete our advanced open water diving certificates.

After Kao Tal we will keep heading south calling into places recommended by fellow travellers. Hopefully on our journey south we will find a spot we want to set-up, adopt a stray dog, and get a little house/room to call home. At the moment we are throwing up the options of Phi Phi and Krabi, but we very much open to ideas, so if you have travelled in Thailand, let us know your thoughts.

Gotta go shit and shower, sorry for lack of replies to comments, spelling on my blog etc, but this bloging is like a full time job and I’m on holiday, so will try my hardest. Love getting the comments and feedback.

Nuthin but love Hap  

PS Sorry if this is boring for those of you who haven’t been to Thailand, ie me talking about places names etc, apologies

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